Governance in DAOs

How would someone appointed as a director in a DAO ensure that the governance protocol is properly maintained? E.g that the code does not conflict with changing policies, or that it does not inhibit any necessary processes. Is it their responsibility alone to ensure this?

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It is not DAO, first word is decentralized. Plz do little more research, i recommend whitepaper.

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Thanks but I’ve done an entire case study on DaoStack and its not the only platform for DAOs. Maybe read the whitepaper, it goes into more detail about assigning roles like CEO and grading these roles in the blockchain. Decentralization doesn’t necessarily mean abolishing roles , it also means redefining conventional roles and giving new meaning to the responsibilities associated to them.

Thank you, for new information. Very interested to look at this system and how they are approaches main dao problems: decentralization, resilient and scalability.

Plz share yours case study on DaoStack, i gladly read it.


I read whitepaper, for mine understanding of DAO, einc model not DAO, just reflection of real world organization to blockchain. And i am sad that einc went easy way, forked ETH (why not ETC??).

I briefly browsed eINC earlier this year, and it seemed to me they have a great library of schemes for DACs, that is, decentralized corporations. Do you think their current schemes library could be integrated into DAOstack? Have you researched this by any chance?

@papa_raw I think it could be possible. They both use Web3.js and both DAOStack and eInc are based on the Ethereum platform. I’m not sure why they would want to integrate though.

Well, if they’re open-source, there’s no real need to ask them, although I think it could definitely benefit both parties if people could make DAOstack orgs with eINC schemes (given that they’re using a permissioned chain to my knowledge, maybe a DAOstack implementation could be a ‘public chain’ spinoff).

Nonetheless, it seems like a great Genesis proposal [enable metamask] to research the feasibility and even build the integration/bridge.