Governance Discussion Sep 30, 2020 15:00 UTC

Meeting date: Wednesday, September 30, 2020
Hong Kong: 11:00pm
CEST (Berlin): 5:00pm
UTC Time: 3:00pm
Buenos Aires: 12:00pm
Brooklyn: 11:00am
Houston: 10:00am
Denver: 9:00am
San Francisco: 8:00am
Meeting link:

Ongoing Governance Initiatives Spreadsheet


  • Governance 1.0
  • Governance 1.X
    • xDai Deployment - Nylon
    • DXD ERC20 Guild - what research needs to be done to come up with consensus on guild parameters?
    • Multi-call Scheme - governance implications
  • Governance 2.0
    • 5 point plan - building momentum and executing
  • Proposal/Forum Roundup

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Video Recording:

Additional notes:

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