Governance Discussion, May 28, 2021

Meeting date: Wednesday, May 26, 2021

UTC Time: 15:00

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Proposal Roundup:

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  • Buyback Demo! Check out the video to learn how to execute proposals and place trades using the Gnosis Protocol relayer. To do: create better guides for placing orders and selling into them/using Mesa.
  • Mainnet REP claims - important to do this soon, especially as we look to deploy on Arbitrum. To do: everyone submit your proposals! Check out the spreadsheet for an estimate of REP awards and be on the lookout for first proposals Claiming Mainnet REP
  • Compensation structure - forum post with polls from Melanie is up. To do: vote!
  • DXvote - Augusto is Breaker of Chains and preparing DXvote for an xDai deployment too. Gearing up to set up DXdao’s third base!

Full video: