Governance Discussion, May 12, 2021

Meeting date: Wednesday, May 12, 2021

UTC Time: 15:00

Meeting link:


Proposal Roundup:


  • Standardizing discussion times and proposal submission process

  • Syncing REP to main net - batching multiple REP awards

  • Contributor UX check-in

  • DXD Buyback Execution discussion

Anything else to add?


Notes and followup

  • Proposal roundup with rep boosts, contributor payouts, fund transfers and Swapr liquidity provisioning. If you voted on the 8 majority votes this past weekend make sure you redeem your REP from the proposals. Pair proposals WETH-WXDAI, WXDAI-USDC, WETH-DPI, WETH-WBTC
  • DXventures Opolis Investment Grant proposal is up
  • DXD Buyback Signal proposal set to pass this evening. Discussion on how to execute, with preference for xDai because it can happen sooner on mainnet.
  • REP Syncs back to main net - three months into doing worker proposals on xDai, there is a lot of unissued REP for contributors, and discussion on how to do these rewards with minimal gas costs. Followup: 1. Chris to write up process for individual proposal requests in the short-term 2. Need to work on a long-term solution with Nylon, Augusto and Chris.
  • DXvote checkin from Augusto! Gearing up for Arbitrum deployment!

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