Governance discussion, Mar 24

Meeting date: Wednesday, March 24, 2021

UTC Time: 4:00pm

Meeting link:

Ongoing Governance Initiatives


Anything to add?

Hong Kong: 11:00pm
CEST (Berlin): 5:00pm
Buenos Aires: 1:00pm
Brooklyn: 12:00pm
Houston: 11:00am
Denver: 10:00am
San Francisco: 9:00am


About halting the dxd bonding curve:

We have an open PR with request of @JohnKelleher to remove the sell line form the graph that can be tested in DXdao.eth. IMO it looks ready to be used and published to IPFS and assign the new ENS record but I wont do it till I get confirmation from other workers.

If we agree to move forward with it we just have to merge the PR Remove sell line from chart for v0.3.0 by AugustoL · Pull Request #349 · levelkdev/dxtrust · GitHub which will trigger the deployment of the dapp in IPFS and then we can merge the to have the latest code in the master branch and deployed on IPFS automatically via github actions.

After that I can submit the proposal to halt the curve form the multicall but I also wont do it till I receive confirmation we are good to go form the rest of the workers.

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Great, I’ll add it to agenda. Hopefully we can do one final check and get go ahead before submitting proposal.

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  • Mainnet proposals primarily fund movements into Swapr and xDai base or treasury diversification proposals. xDai base processing worker proposals, reimbursements and Swapr liquidity deposits.
  • Halt the bonding curve! @AugustoL gives final run through of proposal and consensus is to move forward with proposal. Proposal submitted last night! Check it out.
  • Gas reimbursements! On xDai or mainnet? Still figuring out what to do but @fluidDrop is taking over from Nico
  • HR progress ongoing - @Melanie and Allyq are starting to help build processes out. Focusing on three areas 1. Help workers through the proposal process 2. Track DXD and REP payments 3. Start contributing to contributor hub documentation book
  • DXvote - Augusto looking for testing input on building a decentralized, resilient gov interface. A project that is very important, but not necessarily urgent. Discussion focused on how to balance short-term priorities while building our base governance system, which supports all of our products + treasury

To do:

  • Gas updates! Chris/Fluiddrop
  • DXvote - Augusto needs nesting


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