Governance Discussion July 29, 2020

Meeting date: Wednesday, July 29, 2020
Hong Kong: 11:00pm
CEST (Berlin): 5:00pm
UTC Time: 3:00pm
Buenos Aires: 12:00pm
Brooklyn: 11:00am
Houston: 10:00am
Denver: 9:00am
San Francisco: 8:00am
Meeting link:


Feel free to DM or add other items in the thread below

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  • Budget - Budget v2 and forum post

    • Treasury: ($1.7m ETH + $750k DXD); Current monthly cost ($35.7k ETH + $11.4k DXD); 6 month cost estimate ($500k ETH; $170k)
    • How to manage treasury? 1. Salaries are denominated in USD but paid in ETH, lagging price from submission to payment (Omen bounty is one recent example) 2. Treasury management and diversification (everyone is an ETH bull)
    • REP - past year had 26% inflation rate, that would mean 26,000 monthly REP issuance
    • Liquidity mining
      • DXD - Geronimo, “pull out the big guns” use DXD treasury to reward DXswap liquidity providers. DXdao treasury can also be used to seed certain pools on DXswap (DXD-ETH, or DMG)
      • REP - Sky: should do many small experiments in REP distribution and see what sticks. Custom-market maker program for Mesa is an example. Geronimo: Don’t just give REPs to individuals but to the different communities, who then have a stake in the DAO. DXswap pools could earn their own REP.
      • Referral - is there a way to build a referral system for DXswap on top of the liquidity mining? Tough bc of ability to be gamed, or draining from referral’s discount
      • Permissionless REP [Ezra]
  • Governance as a service

    • Mesa governance - how does GP and DXdao align interests
    • DXDGuild wrapper - Augusto: can be an ERC20 version of REP
  • Manifesto iteration - not much discussion

  • Proposal Roundup

  • What’s in the forums - roundup of interesting posts/discussions

Feel free to add anything that I missed.