Governance Discussion, July 27

Meeting date: Wednesday, July 27th, 2022
UTC Time: 15:00

Meeting link: Jitsi Meet


Proposal Roundup


Wayne - REP sync: Gnosis Chain to Mainnet
Violet Mainnet Rep Sync
Pudgy Rod NFT - Return to Owner

Gnosis Chain

xDXD Buyback Order #227 for 8.37 WETH
xDXD Buyback Order #228 for 8.88 WE
xDXD Buyback Order #229 for 9.31 WETH

Violet Worker Proposal 31/05/2022-31/07/2022 2/2
Int_blue Contributor Proposal Retrospective April - May Creative Director trial period
Int_blue stipend Paris and Bogota
Int_blue – Contributor Proposal June – August
VanGrim (through Zanarkand AB) Contributor Prop
AppreciationDAO using Coordinape Epoch 2
Worker proposal - 26/05/2022 to 25/07/2022 - luzzifoss
Level K Reimbursement for Software Subscript
Level K Reimbursement for Payment to DXdao MultiSig regarding Augmented Finance
Level K Reimbursement for Sponsoring ETHDenver Hackathon Bounties
AllyQ Contributor Proposal 5/23/2022-7/15/2022 2/2
Jorge Lopes Contributor Proposal [18 June 2022 - 18 July 2022]
DAI payout (26/01/2022-25/02/2022) - luzzifoss

Arbitrum one

  • no active proposals

Other topics:
Remainder of RAI in DXdao Treasury, to Hold or Not to Hold
DXD Token Working Group
DXdao Budget