Governance discussion, Jan 5, 2022

Meeting date: Wednesday, January 5, 2022

UTC Time: 16:00

Meeting link: Jitsi Meet


Proposal Roundup -

Discussion items:

Anything else I’m missed?


@Powers I was not able to join… Thank you for adding my proposal to the agenda! Would love to hear any feedback or discussion around my Proposal for reimbursing funds accidentally sent to DXD smart contract


Hey @cmagan you can check out the discussion at 45:25 in yesterday’s call. Broadly, there was support for extending a reimbursement to you given that it is more of a balance sheet adjustment. Furthermore, there is precedent for refunding 16.99 DXD that was erroneously sent to the DXD token contract/bonding curve. And as @AugustoL said, “If he has REP, we should do it”…

I think you could submit the proposal from the account that sent the misplaced funds, or alternatively, your address with REP.

I do think we should consider making additional treasury moves as @Arhat says given that there are now several outflows of USDC from the mainnet treasury.

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