Governance Discussion, Dec 16, 2020


Governance 1.0

Governance 1.X

Governance 2.0

Meeting date: Wednesday, December 16, 2020
Hong Kong: 11:00pm
CEST (Berlin): 5:00pm
UTC Time: 4:00pm
Buenos Aires: 12:00pm
Brooklyn: 11:00am
Houston: 10:00am
Denver: 9:00am
San Francisco: 8:00am
Meeting link:

Ongoing Governance Initiatives

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Meeting notes:

  • Community REP boosts!
  • Proposals in queue - discussion on Swapr.eth and DXdao.eth resolver proposals and how to get more signal & exposure to proposals for market curation and website updates
  • Related: Relayer will require installation of new scheme into DXdao proposal structure. New scheme proposal takes 3 weeks to pass, unless we can do a majority vote
  • Bonding Curve Proposal discussion - wide-ranging discussion, definitely check out the video. Direct follow up discussion to the existing thread and vote on the proposal “Immediately halt the bonding curve”.
  • xDai - Omen competition scheme is live, add submissions for another 2 days and then vote on the best markets, all on free-tx xDai
  • Gov 2.0 - check out the spreadsheet of proposed solutions!

To do:

  • Community REP boosts - nominations and help submissions
  • Work on majority vote for scheme plugin (Powers)
  • Watch Gov discussion video again (or as a podcast, whichever you prefer)

HackMD Meeting running notes

Video (part 1)

Video (part 2)