Governance Discussion, 1st of June

Meeting date: Wednesday, May 11, 2022
UTC Time: 15:00

Meeting link: Jitsi Meet


Proposal Roundup

Payment Proposal: DXdao to commit to Ministr
Final SWPR Emissions Funding on Arbitrum and Gnosis Chain (2,240,000 SWPR)
AugustoL DXD Vested Bulk Withdrawal 05/22
Call for Payment Facilitation Service Provider

Scheme removal proposals (Not boosted yet)

Gnosis Chain
VanGrim - Correction of REP
VanGrim - Entity Formation and Maintenance Contributor Stipend
Dave Colombia Stipend
xDXD Buyback Order #203 for 12.19 WETH
Call for Payment Facilitation Service Provid
xDXD Buyback Order #204 for 11.73 WETH
Milan V Contributor Proposal [14/5/2022 - 14/7/2022] - First Half
xDXD Buyback Order #205 for 11.53 WETH
MME Invoice - Claiming funds

Worker Proposals
Wayne’s Worker Proposal - Early April 2022 - Late May 2022
AugustoL Contributor Proposal #5 Payout
Madusha - Contributor Proposal [01/05/2022 - 30/06/2022] - First Half

Arbitrum One

No live proposals

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