Goal management - OKRs for dxDAO

Hey, I am trying to get dxDAO to come up with a framework for setting up OKRs, along with Eylon. In the last 3 weeks, we gave a short brief about what OKRs are and why it is one of best goal management framework for an organisation and how dxDAO should adopt it in their workflow. The details shared in the primer could be found here.

As discussed in the DxBiz meeting on 11-Jan-2021, we have now worked on a spreadsheet that gives us a possibility to write down, discuss and agree on the OKRs for different squads. The list of squads for setting up OKRs are derived from the Dxsquads spreadsheet.

Now, what are the next steps forward?

  1. Company objectives - we need to reach a consensus on the objectives that is set for 2021.
  2. Company Key Results - We need to find measurable key results for the agreed Objectives
  3. Squads - Discuss with teams on coming up with squad specific OKRs that aligns with the company objectives.

To be noted:
Key Results needs to be measurable.
Key Results should have stretch goals. If a key result that can be achieved is 100%, the key results should have a stretch goal of 125 to 140%. If u reach 100%, you have set your goals too low, if you reach only 50%, then its too high a goal.

Once the OKRs are set, we should be using this for bi-weekly checkins (maybe the Product strategy meetings) to decide on how much we have progressed in our OKRs, what are the new initiatives being undertaken and how far are we in completing those initiatives.

I am available on keybase and reach out to me if you need any help towards setting OKRs.

OKR spreadsheet