Giveth DAOCanvas - Governance Elements Page

Continuing the discussion from Giveth DAO Canvas:

Here are the notes from each section of the Governance Elements page in the Giveth Foundation’s DAOCanvas. We’re inviting everyone to contribute to designing the Giveth Foundation DAO by posting feedback and suggestions in this thread.

Key Performance Indicators:

  1. Active Users (# and %)
  2. Github commits
  3. Hours of work being done
  4. Attendance of community calls (# and %)

Reflect on these Governance Polarities:

Caps and Global Constraints:

Open for thoughts

Common Proposals:

The DAO aims to vote once per month on a budget, but proposals for additional bounties or initiatives are always welcomed.

Critical Proposals:

  • Monthly Budget
  • Significant changes to the basic functions of the DApp e.g. adding or removing DAC/Campaign owner capabilities

Legal Strategy:

In the short term, we don’t require (and don’t have) a legal structure. As we gain traction, we aim to set up a 501c3. In the interim, we can also join forces with someone such as Commons Stack which has a legal Swiss entity.

Open for thoughts

Doubts and Concerns on the Parameters:

Open for doubts, concerns, and suggestions



Metrics this week were pretty good!

  1. Active Users
  • 0? I guess the PoC might have some users?
  1. Github commits
  • 2 authors have pushed 6 commits
  1. Hours of work being done
  • We should start actively tracking this?
  1. Attendance of community calls (# and %)
  • we had 9 people show up this call!
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