Give REP by the curve


Since the beginning of DXdao, the topic of distribution of REP to DXD holders is getting back a lot.

In that purpose, I think DXdao should define a basic REP amount. I don’t know the value of REP but let say a symbolic small amount : 10 REP.

Every actual DXD holder will receive 10 REP because they are early adopters.

The second way to receive that symbolic amount of REP will be for every new buyers of the bonding curve. In that way, DXdao gives REP to people who have participate in the treasury. Even if you buy some by uniswap and you care about governance you can go to the bonding curve and buy a small amount to receive those REP.

I am a DXD holder without REP and sometimes i just want to participate. even if it is not noticable, just to have a voice.

What do you think ?


Cool idea. And makes sense that even acquiring a small amount of DXD is contributing and deserving of some REP.

Sadly, I believe DXdao’s current infrastructure does not allow for assigning REP to more than one address at a time via proposal (@nylon can correct me if I’m wrong). And I think it would also be technically difficult to integrate directly with the bonding curve. However, DXD holders can make a proposal requesting REP, and I suspect asking for a small amount of REP would pass. Personally I would vote for a proposal asking for REP that could demonstrate they had been holding and also had some sense of identity (to prevent a sybil attack of such proposals).

Also, I wanted to point out an effort underway to create a “DXD Guild” where DXD holders can vote. This guild can be assigned REP and I hope will be a great way for DXD holders to have a voice in governance. By being its own Guild there will also be a clear signal of what DXD holders are thinking. Contracts are here and nearly ready for audit. There are a couple of relayers (necessary for depositing liquidity from the treasury and for making trades from the treasury) ahead of the ERC20 Guild in the auditing queue, but I think we can expect the audit to be complete sometime in early January.


There are actually a couple of options to do that

  1. Reputation from token scheme 1 This is a sort of an opt-in Airdrop of Reputation to DXD Holders - Allowing every DXD token holder to redeem reputation if they are holding DXD, given a block number for snapshot.

But a situation like this would be highly manipulate-able, a user will spread his DXD across as many addresses as possible before the snapshot.
Another option is:

  1. register a ReputationAdmin to the DAO.

Init the Reputation admin with

  • Expiration time
  • Amount of rep to mint
  • Owner (This can be set to the DAO)

The contract takes an array of addresses and an array of reputation amount and mints it (Max I’ve succeeded is 100 addresses).

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