Genesis Objectives & sub-Objectives

Please see attached slides, outlining the proposed high level objectives of our community.

The intention is to pass these objectives via a proposal to get clarity and alignment, and subsequently create some form of budget and metrics to ensure we achieve our objectives.

Feedback and comments welcome!

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Suggestion: Fill in Slide 2 with actual why, what, how cribbed from the Medium article. It looks like a placeholder right now since it’s just a “concept” slide. It’s a bit confusing because you refer to “these objectives” in slide 3 but have not said what they actually are, and then in slide 4 say they are in the Medium article (so again, never actually name them).

As it stands, I don’t understand the difference between the long term and short term objectives - you call out that they exist, and that the short term are “easier” but nothing in the prezzo ever references which types of objectives you are talking about. Suggest consistent naming and explicit call-out. Is a “sub objective” a short-term objective?

What are the next steps/calls to action? The prezzo just ends. Not sure what to take from it exactly.

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