Genesis DAO research case study

Dear Genesis DAO community

As many of you know, I am a researcher at the University of Canberra, specializing in Digital Art and Humanities.

I am conducting a research project into different modes of writing and expression in DAO culture, exploring how they may impact gender balance in community participation. I will use critical and creative research methodologies to explore potential strategies to create inclusive and diverse spaces, using Genesis DAO as my major case study. I will submit my research for publication in peer-reviewed academic journals.

My research will involve discourse and data analysis of sections of the public Genesis DAO archives on Alchemy, DAOtalk, twitter and medium. I may also contact individuals over Telegram to invite them for a 1:1 interview on this topic. All quotes and information will be anonymized in subsequent publications.

Further to this, my research may involve creative, text-based interventions into Genesis DAO channels. Please note these will be posted in good faith (they are not troll-posts!).

At anytime individuals from the Genesis DAO community are free to opt-out and withdraw their consent to have their contributions analyzed as part of this research. To do so, please email me at denise.thwaites [at] Feel free to contact me at this email address if you have any further questions about this research.

Best wishes

Denise Thwaites