Genesis DAO Community Meeting Summaries

Genesis DAO Community Meeting Summary
28 January 2020

I am here because I believe in the potential of DAOs to be a viable alternative method of coordinating resources to ensure they go towards where it is meant to go (solving the issue of trust).

I am here because I was introduced to DAOs at Devcon V at a DAOFEST conducted by Felipe Duarte. After that meeting, I asked what does DAOstack need. Then my understanding is that DAOstack, through Genesis DAO, needs to incubate more DAO founders and participants… which I then subscribed to the mission and it led me to submit my first proposal to run a series of workshops in Southeast Asia modelling what I learned from Devcon V.

Now that DAOstack is no longer funding Genesis DAO, does the mission and purpose of Genesis change? Why not use the DAOcanvas as a tool to coordinate and align all within it to know where the DAO has been and where it is going.

In my opinion, especially at its beginning, a DAO needs a clear purpose and direction where it is going - and a clear leader steering the wheel until a first sustainable version works - then further decentralise the decision making.

Thanks for summarizing the call, it’s great we can reflect and consider what ways we propose to move with GenDAO post DAOstack funding.

To answer Felipe’s questions:

Participating in a collaborative DAO way of contributing is taking part in a digital native renaissance. It’s taking a productive part in the journey to new frontiers of social technologies development.

What I’d want to see in Genesis if it was up to me is a mature approach that assumes responsibility to become sustainable and respectfully promote the interests of Genesis and the DAOstack ecosystem as an open source commons that we co-create and benefit from. Bringing into GenDAO compassion to help onboard new members and organizations and help them get oriented and aligned so as new community members they will be able to benefit from and give back to the GenDAO and DAOstack ecosystem.

In terms of actionable plan, I’ve written a post that describes how we can make a transition that will facilitate that kind of mode of operation in GenDAO, here’s the link to the concept I think we should gather feedback on and proposes. It’s came as a response to a discussions about GenDAO’s debt started by @Lior:

DAO Debt: Do we need a social consensus?

Dear Jason,

Thank you so much for joining Genedis Weekly Community Call for the first time last Tuesday ( please correct me if I am wrong and you have indeed taken part in past Community Calls).

As a fellow DAO enthusiast I really appreciate your offer of help.

Personally I believe that our noisy calls are a pretty good creative environment where we can think together, hear each other, share ideas and connect like fellow netizens.

I also feel that despite the free-flow format of our calls we have covered a good deal of ground in the last two weeks.

I am quite sure that campaigning for the post of Leader of the Great Democratic Republic of Genesis DAO is not likely be my firs order of business, so as a friend I would ask if you might like to help me create a draft agenda comprising of 4 items that might logically follow from last week’s call’s action points and are of first order priority in your opinion.

I would add that it is my hope that representatives of Commons Stack might be available to join us at the Community Call and that the document of “exit notes” kindly prepared by Kate and Livia is of very high relevance to this community at this time.

I feel that it might be nice to have an agenda ready by Sunday night CET so that folks can prepare for the meeting if they so wish and also have a chance to comment if for example they feel an agenda item is superfluous or illedgeable.

It is also true that DAOstack team are extremely busy with EthDenver at the moment and it is likely that a number of valuable and esteemed regulars of the Genesis Community call will be preoccupied if not unavailable for a little while so it had been my hope to factor this into the planning process.

I wholeheartedly look forward to any suggestions from yourself and everyone else who might like to contribute to the palpably needed leadership of Genesis Weekley Community Call.

In the mean time I will just do approximately the same things I did last week and the week before that and see if together we can make another call happen.

Kind regards


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