Genesis Beta and 1.0 - Your input needed

We want to know what you think. Help steer the future of GenDAO! Read on :point_down:

Last week I presented the thoughts (from Matan, representing the DAOstack team) on what Genesis could become if it is to help achieve the mission for a DAOified world.

DAOstack’s proposed strategy to achieve this is to grow the DAO ecosystem through:

  • More DAO creation, and interoperable DAO to DAO (D2D) actions that will effectively cement the collaborative ecosystem
  • Expansion of the tech by building more general and use case specific interfaces, dApps, integrations, and governance modules
  • Unified ecosystem maintenance services, such as a network of legal experts, new GEN prediction tools, and utility DAOs (such as an auditing DAO)
  • Support for new DAOs, commons infrastructure such as the Arc.Hives registries, and broader Web3 infrastructure generally

As mentioned on the call in more detail, in the Miro board and in the forthcoming blogs we see DAOs as more than extrapolations of companies. We envision them as collaborative networks and Genesis as the ecosystem coordinator and funding DAO. With this, Genesis 1.0 will become an alliance of DAOs and entities aligned around the DAOification mission.

You can see the overview and map for Genesis 1.0 here. Genesis Beta is the transition phase.

Achieving Genesis 1.0 will be a journey and will require collaboration with entities, existing orgs like DOrg, BitFwd (aka Koala DAO), DAOincubator, DGov, CuraDAO, Prague DAO, the DAO Agency (and others), as well as proposed orgs, such as the DMO, and DAOfund, and finally individual Pollinators, experts, and related stakeholders.

On the DAOstack side there is an obvious need to keep improving the modularity of Alchemy, as well as building key features like D2D actions (voting, staking, proposing), escrow, and multi targeted payments, to name a couple (what else is pinging for you?). The open source dev tools to develop on the DAO stack also need attention.

We are also deeply considering how to allocate Reputation to be able to build this future (via the best possible incentive mechanisms) as well as honour past contribution (for Pollinators and DAOstack team alike). Eventually the goal would be for DAOstack to be a member in this alliance like any other - however, it will be a while before we get there (for reasons around security and in order to build, iterate and learn). We will need to have a hybrid model for some time yet, with the progressive aim of a more decentralized ecosystem.

Here’s what we need from you:

  • Please look at the questions at the bottom of the Miro map and consider if you want to +1 any item of big significance to you by pasting it into this DAOtalk thread (feel free to adapt and build on the questions).
  • Add any questions or challenges we haven’t raised yet to this thread and we’ll go further into them in the Weekly Pollinators calls, and even schedule special sessions for deep dives or discussions.
  • If you can’t make the calls, no problem - post your questions and concerns here regardless. They’ll be seen and given care and consideration.

So: what questions do you have? What challenges do you see? What additions or improvements would you make? What about opportunities?

Let’s DAOify the world together! :seedling:


During the Genesis call today, we briefly discussed the question “Should Genesis try and become sustainable (ie, revenue generating)?” I would like to continue this discussion here.

Below are some initial thoughts on how we could become revenue generating:

  • Genesis sells tokens with rights to some (yet to be determined) future cash flow
  • Genesis offers services required by all DAOs (for example, hiring services)
  • Genesis has a monthly subscription fee

Feel free to add to this list / comment your thoughts.


Another thought on how “we could become revenue generating”, as suggested by @eric.arsenault:

  • Genesis members submit proposals that not only request funding but also commit to giving back to the DAO in order for it to break-even or make a profit.

Up to now, funded proposals were not expected to initiate revenue-generating activities (correct me if I’m wrong). I’d feel better to keep Genesis itself as a fully accessible, public, non-profit commons and achieve sustainability via financial and human support of economic activities proposed by its members.


Yes, this one is very important. Genesis behaving as a DAO VC of sorts.

#DAOfund :slight_smile: