Genesis Alpha Proposals Reports


This thread is the home of monthly Genesis Alpha Proposal reports.

It will feature a summary and highlights of proposals from the Genesis Alpha Community that have been funded, are being worked on and have been delivered. The purpose of this is to provide a short digest of all the information that can currently be found in our proposal tracking document.

It will also include key links and updates from the ATF on proposals that have been flagged.

Stay posted for updates coming soon!


Genesis Alpha Proposal Report #1

This is Genesis Alpha’s first proposal report, to share with you a summary and highlights of proposals in the community.


  • After two successful events, Genesis Alpha funded the 3rd “How to DAO event” taking place in Berlin, December 8th
  • The raffle for Felipe’s digital portrait of Vitalik is now open!
  • Algirdas has created survey for behavior research in the Genesis Alpha Community. He is still looking for participants, so please join here!
  • The Accountability Task Force has completed its’ first 2 month experiment and is submitting a proposal for the next iteration of the experiment this week.
  • The DAOstack github hacker kit has been translated into Korean and Japanese!


Funded proposals this month 10
Total funded proposals 36
Total delivered proposals 11
Proposals in progress 19
Paused/Postponed /Cancelled 4

Proposal overview by types

If not completed, the status is explained after the | of each line.

Communications, Education & Practices

  • Pollinator Onboarding Video
  • Tutorial Article: how to use Alchemy
  • Holographic Consensus visualization lab | getting near the finish line!
  • The TAO of the DAO | Draft will be delivered by Dec 5th
  • DAOkitchen & DAObuilding template | delivery planned early December
  • Online Advertisement Campaign for DAOstack and Genesis | postponed to end of January 2018
  • Sales Copywriting for Alchemy/Genesis Alpha | delivery planned early December
  • Launch of a Caribbean Blockchain Research Network | Update coming Dec 20th!

Open Source Development

  • Alchemy Explorer to visualize proposal data has made impressive progress
  • Getting alchemy ready for more Open Source development and full decentralization: Alchemy DevOps robustification & decentralized proposal data are completed
  • Developing an alternative client for Arc | proposal just passed this week!


…continuation of above post…

Shaping & Running the Genesis Alpha DAO

  • “Planning” discussion Group: how can a DAO plan in a decentralized way? | 2 meetings have happened and led to the creation of several of the proposals below
  • Genesis Community Blog & Reports | First blog and first report have been submitted!
  • Creating DAO chosen headers in Alchemy to articulate objectives or statements on a DAOs landing page | Almost done and waiting for dev from the DAOstack team
  • Hourglass proposal has been accepted to be tested as an accountability mechanism
  • Legal clarity for bookkeeping DAO Grants | Recommendations shared by December 5th

Flagged by ATF

  • Targeted Community Outreach for public call | paused
  • Alchemy Identity feature | handed off to another Dev team, but no current contact or updates
  • Bridge to Aragon

Want more details? Check out the full proposal tracking.

Ongoing Bounty programs

DAO Adoption leads bounty | Genesis Community Blog | DAO Community Reports | Joining Weekly Pollinator Calls

Closing Reflections

  • The majority of the high value open source development contributions are coming from one team of two people
  • Bounty programs as incentives are not being taken advantage of much
  • People are not submitting to the community blog and reports
  • Attendance on Pollinator community calls and telegram is increasing and does not correlate with activity levels on alchemy, discord and bounty program participation