Genesis Alpha 2.0 users behavior research

Hey, it’s my first post in this forum :slight_smile:
I will try to get funding for my research in Genesis Alpha 2.0, if it pass i will blog here achievements.

Hey Shefas!

Great idea, looking forward to reading more

I got funding for research!! I will post here mine progress. I need help for questions creation and latter for data analyze (It is mine first research).

The text of proposal that got approved is available on the Burst blockchain, and is retrievable using the CLOUD-WEBS-AYRX-WJ6S-CGR3W CloudBurst ID and in Genesis Alpha 2.0

I created first version of questions. Please comment with new questions, critics, beter formulation of questions, English language errors and etc.

Created first version of form. Please test it, suggest new questions and etc.

Finished form, now collecting surveys

Thank you for participating! Sadly got 19 responses, from them only 16 valid, 3 was not from reputation holders. I prepared depersonalized excel file with data. All funds will be returned to dao.

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