GenDAO Fast Track Onboarding

Note: the essence of this thread was already shared on the “Genesis DAO Community” Telegram chat, I am only sharing this here so it can easily be referenced & we can discuss further ideas.

In short: the image below is something you can send to anyone who wants to join the Genesis DAO in the shortest possible amount of time.

Long story

I wanted to experience onboarding a friend in order to experiment with a sort of “Fast Track Onboarding” process: for those who want to join as fast as possible. So I took a screenshot of the form when you submit your first proposal (the “Signup Proposal” as I call it, or the “Reputation Request Propoal” as the Genesis DAO community calls it), with each field pre-filled & added notes for each field so that one can simply adapt as needed.

This means that you can simply send this screenshot to whoever wants to join & say “go to Alchemy’s Genesis DAO page, click on “new proposal” & fill the form as indicated in the screenshot”.


This is a valuable resource! Thanks for putting it together.

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