Future of (my) work

I enjoyed very much meeting many of you in Paris and the DXdao has outstanding contributors, I loved working with you. I’m grateful for the opportunity to have been a full-time contributor for the Dxdao. Just did see the DXRetreat Announcement, and I’m sad that I will not be part of this.

I’m back from my vacation and had time to think where I will head next. I do have many ideas and will for sure stay in the industry, but I will stop being a paid contributor. If somebody comes forward and ask me the help on stuff, I would give it another thought, but I would not commit more than 1 day a week.

The DXdao has always been an experiment on the future of work. After the recent events, I don’t think the DXdao can be highly successful how it is structured now, but ofc I’m not neutral on this. I see that the DXdao is trying to change, but we are very slow.

As an analytical mind, I did analyze the state of DXdao constantly, but focusing on Mesa/Aqua I did not have time to get more involved, and it was not my task and interest at this point.

I’m happy to see that work on Aqua is continued by the team, and I think leaving my position and seeing the team works seamless on means I did a good job.

I’m okay with the Aqua code on DXdao · GitHub, but I will remove the DXdao logo and link as soon I need my companies github in another way. (Which does not affect the aqua repos)

I will hang around on keybase and join some calls if I like to, if not, you can reach me over mk@cryptonative.ch or on twitter.

Finally, I may do a NFT project next :wink:


Thanks for your time and commitment. Would love to see you stick around with your ideas and deep knowledge of the space.


Thanks for all the time you’ve given DXdao @martinkrung!

I think that we all know that DXdao is far from perfect, but the beauty is that the DAO and the people here are super attentive and in general welcome criticism and feedback from the inside and outside.

We are spearheading a lot of the things that are happening both on the social/offchain/organization side like these forums, while also the full on-chain ones, which definitely creates a lot of friction. I do hope that DXretreat could be a place to work on DXdao, it’s mission, vision, and how do we execute on it.

I’m going to post on it soon, we’d like to see you join to be honest.