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Hi all! I am Mark Smargon, from Fuse.io

What is Fuse Network?

Fuse enables businesses and communities around the world to unleash the power of mobile payments. Using Fuse, entrepreneurs and community leaders can now upgrade their existing communities into thriving micro-economies by providing them the tools to build and maintain their own custom-branded mobile wallet and currency.

‌By using a non-custodial open-source technology users can avoid regulatory, operational and development costs greatly reducing the barrier to entry for all who want to tap into the power of mobile payments. Instead of paying Stripe, Square, Paypal or Visa a high fee for clearing a transaction, on the Fuse network it will cost only 1 cent $ regardless of transaction size! Fuse also operates in parts of the world with low credit cards adoption and lowering barriers for crypto adoption for mainstream audiences and non-technical entrepreneurs using the Fuse Studio (https://studio.fuse.io/)

We currently have 9 live pilots around the world from local currencies, to digitizing national currency, to transparent charity systems, fan clubs and loyalty systems. 9 live micro-economies utilizing blockchain to solve real problems. One exciting project is called WikiBank who has created a fully transparent charity system where anyone can donate to impoverished communities in Seville, Spain. Individuals in need receive these donations through the Fuse wallet which they can then purchase food at local shops in their community by scanning a barcode with their app. See this app in action in Spain: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K353rFjCdQc&feature=emb_title

On the Fuse.io homepage you can check out other pilots in US, UK, Germany, Italy ,South Africa, Trinidad and more to be announced over the next few weeks.

What is FUSE token?

Fuse is a DPOS blockchain for everyday payments that is run by a network of validators. The token is the only way for stakeholders and users to participate in the governance and pay for the network services. The network is secured by validators that need to stake Fuse tokens to participate in the governance. Non node operators can still participate in the governance by delegating to a validator. This is modeled after Tezos but implemented as an EVM compatible blockchain that is compatible with Defi but has an economic majority that can influence the future development of the network.

The traditional payments space has many business models, most of them are based on either fees, selling consumer data or selling software licensing. The Fuse token will offer an ecosystem for payments that can provide an alternative for traditional payments.

FUSE helps align the incentives of all network users and ensures that the Fuse codebase will stay free forever, and that no one company:

  • Will make all the money from the consumer data
  • Will make all the money from fees
  • Will make all the money from selling code

Learn more about FUSE tokenomics: https://docs.fuse.io/the-fuse-chain/fuse-token

Fuse X Mesa

We would like to launch a one week IDO on Mesa during October 2020. Our project was mostly under the radar so far as our focus was on onboarding organic traction and building the product. Now we are ready for the public unveiling and we want to get your help with getting our tokens distributed publicly for the first time.

We reached the conclusion that Mesa is the best solution for IDO’s from most aspects we looked into, so we look forward to launching our IDO on Mesa and building a continued cooperation with dxDAO and figure out more synergies with the amazing dxDAO community. Thanks in advance for your consideration!

More resources:

Network Page

Fuse Docs




This is excellent. Will look over these materials. Much appreciated. Curious, how did you find out about DXdao/Mesa? Were there any resources that best guided you on proposing a listing to the DAO?

Thanks! Been following Mesa since the first IDO - really cool platform and then i started reading about dxDAO - very interesting stuff. Read the blog post about how to list.

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