Fund drop and redemption update

Funds drop, redemption update and DAI going forward.

20K (SAI) will land in Genesis tomorrow.

We’ve had some issues with redemptions in the last week and some stress for some contributors about the lack of a ‘first to pass, first to redeem button’.

The FestDAO redeemed a proposal that had just passed by sending 0.3eth to Genesis last week in order to ‘top the DAO up’ to redeem the proposal.

I think it would make sense if we try do a first pass, first redeemed effort for now

The one at the end should be redeemed first

Alchemy Moon (Alchemy Earth’s Mobile App)
EthReward : 33.85
DAIReward : 20000

dOrg Recurring Proposal - November (2/6)
EthReward : 64.533
DAIReward : 5000

DAO Legal blog posts proposal
DAIReward : 2100

Swapping ETH to DAI using Swappy!
EthReward : 0.1

Extra work: DAO Landscape research
EthReward : 1.5

The plan for the future is to do DAI drops into Genesis (in multi collateral DAI and not SAI (the old DAI).

After tomorrow’s payment, the next biweekly payment is due at the beginning of Jan and will be in ETH to pay back the outstanding proposals above

Please DO NOT make more proposals in ETH as we want to stop funding in ETH but need to pay out the ETH owing to proposals above

The first January payment will be in ETH to cover the outstanding proposals above, the second payment in DAI. Then going forward we will only be funding in DAI.

Our total overspending position right now is :
Total ETH : 99.983
Total Token : 32400

Please consider this when making proposals and consider the impact of making and voting on proposals which will take us into more overspending (before a full UI solution is built.)


Thanks Kate for putting in the effort to make the overview and explanation of going forward!

“Total token: 32400” - token? DAI?

20K SAI just dropped to Genesis. Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan

Those that need to redeem, please do so :raised_hands:t4:

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