Francesco Worker Payout & Goodbye

Last Friday 27/08 concluded my trial period as a contributor in DXdao and more precisely, Omen team. As per my worker proposal I will be requesting the second payout here.


Unfortunately, web dev human resources became scarce in Omen, and other teams, which makes it very difficult, quite impossible, to mentor a junior developer as I am. And so I won’t be continuing contributing. Though, I learned a ton and I am immensely grateful for the opportunity DXdao handed me 3 months ago. I will tell everyone goodbye during today’s gov call.

As I started with Omen, a couple of weeks before my contribution period initiated, digging inside the codebase and coding tiny tasks I felt confident I could overcome the challenge Omen development represented. But starting a web dev career within a dao, where the environment pushes you to be as independent as possible, rapidly turned out wrong for me and for my ‘negative’ spillovers, or at least recurrent cumbersome questions, to the team. After fighting with git, learning deeper react, styled components, understanding the latest way of writing js code, the way Omen code is pushed, collaborated on, I still managed to contribute at my modest, beginner level.

Massive kudos to @Violet which, despite having loads on his plate, took the time to answer my beginners questions and review all my PRs. Thank you @corkus and @Melanie for giving me the opportunity to be part of the team and assist me.

I still feel very lucky because within 3months of experience at DXdao I managed to meet most of you in Paris while many of you never had that chance in years. I am blessed I took part in it, and this is probably not a farewell since I’m sure we’ll cross path again. DXdao has great talents, powerful ideas and a super product suite. I wish you to deliver great management and make the best out of it.

Work done

The main objectives I worked on were the refactoring of styles and some OMN airdrop front-end feature.
Here are all my PRs. From the 27, 5 were canceled resulting in 22 approved.

Tx fees reimbursements for testings Omen dev on Mainnet

Total = $52.80


I had 1 french bank holiday 14/07 (Bastille Day) and 4 days off of which one was offset by my full workday Monday 30/08 and other 3 counting as holidays.


1 month salary (Level 1 at 80%) = $3,200
ETHCC stipends = $1,250
ETHCC Ticket = €300 = $354 (at €1 = $1.18193 today’s rate)
Tx fees reimbursement = $52

Total = $4,856 in xDai


It’s really sad to see you go Francesco, it was so great meeting you in Paris. Your energy is infectious and I’m sure you will do great wherever you go next, best of luck!

Hopefully, we can learn from this as a DAO and that once we are in a better position, we can properly invest time and resources into emerging talent.


Thanks Francesco for this post.

My I ask you, if you find ti appropriate, to explain what would have been helpful to you that was missing, and what could have helped in keeping you working for DXdao?



Sure. I believe 2 main assets were missing:

  1. A product development handbook/guidelines:

A handbook with the dos and donts. The scope is to explain what is the coding style and rules to follow when starting a new piece, the steps to follow to start a new page view (or big component) from scratch, very importantly is a description of the tech stack that is used (blockchain-based and non-blockchain) together with external links to dive in. External links are crucial as it is probably very cumbersome to make such a handbook (though the time saved later on the long run is enormous) and so having a detailed documentation to point to is advantageous. As a junior you are relieved to know you have a reference to the technique you must use (yes, that exact technique because the senior sent you there so that’s the one they want to be applied) is explained with examples and so you may apply it, obviously adapting it with some tweaks, to your actual problem. Because you know, you may achieve the same result with multiple techniques… so the code works, you move onto something else and then have to come back to it cause that’s not the way to be done. Takes lots of energy and time.

  1. A senior dev you can ask anything that will be happy to teach you.

Nothing new here. DXdao requires more human resources.

A third one, optional, that highly depends on someone’s character: more team (or simply 1:1) calls. When stuck on certain issues because the vocabulary is missing to explain/understand something, a 15min call with screen-sharing can save countless hours.


These are great insights!
I hope once we are in a position to do so that DXdao could potentially launch a program for training up emerging talent with more structured resources and mentorship from more senior devs. This would allow us to invest in the dao and the communities future.