Forum management and organization

DAOtalk is the public forum of DXdao. It is where community members coordinate around proposals, and it also helps document the rich history of DXdao. At the moment, it is not very useful for anyone that’s not in the weeds of DXdao governance to get a good idea of what’s going on. This is primarily because of the high number of worker proposals and reimbursement posts, which are important for transparency, but not especially relevant to a casual visitor to the forum.

Long-term, DXdao should move to its own decentralized forum integrated into DXgov product suite. In the meantime, I’ve tried to use tags a bit more aggressively on proposals on DAOtalk to separate the worker proposals from other discussions. These are the three “views” I would bookmark.

  • DXdao category (all posts) - this is traditionally how most people look at the forum. Typically by looking at the “Latest”. This has all posts in DXdao’s forum, but may get cluttered
  • Worker-Proposal tag - a new tag for all worker proposals and reimbursement payments. Please use this tag going forward for worker proposal posts.
  • NWP - a new tag, which is short for not worker proposal, which - you guessed it - is every post that is not a worker proposal.

Please try and fill these tags in when you can; I can add them, but it’s easier if its done at the beginning.

There are potentially a lot of other things we could be doing with the forum, so I also wanted to open it up for any suggestions on organization or ideas on how to decentralize the forum.


Nice! simple and effective :heart:

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Nice stuff, making a decentralised alternative to DAOtalk is tough but we are close, a few kinks to work out but exciting stuff coming