Food Sovereignty x DAOs WG Update

The following is an update on the WG.

The four calls as outlined in this proposal were hosted.

:spiral_notepad: Notes were taken here
:phone: Calls were hosted here
:right_anger_bubble: Chat

For a taste of the notes: different models were explored, such as the β€œFor Product” model:

The For Product model:

Fund: Pay with $ to own future Product at cost.

:bust_in_silhouette: β†’ :moneybag: β†’ :deciduous_tree: The DAO sells future Products to buy Property required for that production.

:bust_in_silhouette: ⇇ :avocado: ← :clock1: You receive that Product after a delay, at the real costs of that production.

Work: Pay with promises to own future Property without debt.

:construction_worker_man: β†’ :page_with_curl::writing_hand: ↓ The DAO β€œsells” that Property for future work commitments.

:construction_worker_man: ⇇ :shower::bed::avocado: ↓ Workers gain immediate access to critical goods and services.

:construction_worker_man: ⇇ :money_mouth_face::no_entry_sign: ←:page_with_curl::white_check_mark: A worker’s past debt is extinguished as work is completed.

:construction_worker_man: ⇇ :house_with_garden::deciduous_tree: ←:page_with_curl::white_check_mark: Property vests as work is completed.

Own: Own Property to own future Product at cost.

:construction_worker_man: ⇇ :avocado: ⇇ :deciduous_tree: When you own Property, you own those Products without purchase.

Profit: Pay with $ to own surplus Product at a price above cost.

:bust_in_silhouette: β†’ :moneybag: β†’ :deciduous_tree: The DAO sells surplus Product to buy real Property without debt.

:bust_in_silhouette: ⇇ :avocado: You receive that Product immediately, but usually pay more than cost.

Fork: This re-localizes control to reduce Tyranny of the Majority.

:petri_dish: β†’ :microbe: Subgroups must be allowed to secede when Property is realistically divisible.

Ultimately proceeding with this use case will require one of a few directions:

1/ Acquiring the land itself and running it as a DAO

There are extensive issues here dealing with property mgmt and legal uncertainty.

2/ Partnering with a local, preestablished agency or org

An example here would be a group of farmers in South Africa who can pool funds for investment spending and risk mgmt.

Both of these options will require extensive business development and funding efforts. A strong grant option was identified in the Horizon 2020 grants.

Next Steps

Moving forward with this will require identifying 1/ land to utilize as a DAO or 2/ a specific org to partner with and develop a DAO. DAOstack is likely too nascent a technology to facilitate this type of complex physical use case, but it is my hope that this gets picked up in the coming years. Due to bandwidth issues this group will not be moving forward with a particular use case.