FitTogether (Pooltogether for fitness)

How to keep your wellbeing and fitness in times of social disruption that you can’t go out to the gym, yoga studio or run with friends?

In all honesty, I’ve been getting a bit fat over this quarantine period and after a quick brainstorm with @exponent, we came up with the idea of putting your money as a guaranty for your workout. (+ jews don’t like losing money :smiley: )

The goal of this post is

  1. Get feedback on this MVP idea
  2. Get participants: 7 people, 7 ETH, 7 days.

We will incentivize you with

  • Potential ETH prize reward
  • Good old peer pressure
  • Vested interest to complete the challenge
Duration: 1 week
Before the start: Contribute 1 ETH to the DAO
During the week: Every day you must submit a photo or video with your most recent workout as a social media post link (tweet, Instagram, Weibo etc) and submit that in the FitTogether DAO daily competition.
How this works
  • Each participant puts 1 ETH into the DAO.
  • For the next 7 days, every day 1 ETH will be distributed to all participants who proved they worked out.
  • If you miss out proving you worked out on a specific day, you miss your share of the 1 ETH (0.1428 ETH) , and the rest is split by those who did
Under the hood

DAOstack DAO with competition (7 participants, 7 days)

  • 7 Participants put 1 ETH each into the DAO.
    • For sending 1 ETH they each get reputation, which they use to fund themselves.
  • We create 7 Daily competitions which will be opened in advance.
  • Each competition will distribute 1 ETH up to the 7 participants.
    • If there are less than 7 submissions, the share of the 7 - N submissions will be distributed to the rest of participants.
  • Eylon + Daniel as reputation holders (Maybe 1-2 more)
  • Competition Parameters:
    • D1 Open at 11PM ET
      • 23hours for submissions
      • Submission end time 10PM ET
      • Voting time until 10AM ET
        • Option 1: (Daniel + Eylon + x ) vote on submissions
        • Option 2: Each participant votes for himself
    • D2 Open at 11PM ET
      • 23hours for submissions
      • Submission end time 10PM ET
      • Voting time until 11AM ET

We are starting with 7 people for the first run, iterate and do much bigger ones.

Want to participate? got feedback? comment below.


That’s the real motivator eh lol


5 confirmed participants, 2 spots left

:dragon: Eylon
:koala: Nick
:sparkles: Anett
:herb: Daniel
:maple_leaf: LeRae

Let us know if keen to join!

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That’s it #FitTogetherDAO is filled:

:slot_machine: 7 ppl 7ETH 7 days!!

:dragon: @Eylon
:koala: @nick_hollins
:sparkles: @AnettRolikova
:herb: @exponent
:maple_leaf: @_leraeb
:zap: @bitcoingarrett
:atom_symbol: @matan

Let the DAOification begin!

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I’ll take one spot :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Excellent, will invite you to #FitTogetherDAO challenge for next round lah~

We’ve completed one trial of #FitTogetherDAO!

FitTogetherDAO video tweet

Some parts were bumpy eh. What we’d like to improve is the on-boarding and figuring out the right rhythm and flow for the daily/periodic #PoWo reporting and the ETH reward claims should work.

To improve the experience we’d like to gather feedback on this thread, on Telegram and please answer the short multiple choice survey.

UX option to #FitTogetherDAO.

Report daily by uploading a picture to the shared Telegram chat.

Report daily with an on-chain message signing on Alchemy interface.

Checkin daily with by DM with #FitTegetherDAO community organizer

  • A
  • B
  • C

0 voters

How often would on-chain rewards claiming open?

  • Daily
  • Every 2 days
  • Once a week

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The main motivation you had joining the #FitTogetherDAO challenge was:

  • Good vibes - Peer group wellbeing
  • Encourage to workout - Physical Exercise
  • Win Cryptocurrency
  • Other?

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Please rank experience using #FitTogetherDAO Alchemy interface:

(1) Hard to use, (10) Great, was easy

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10

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Please reply with your feedback on and/or the FitTogetherDAO Telegram (

@Eylon will be hosting a call soon.

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