First--hopefully not the last; but that's F8 || Oops, I missed both Christhmussuez--

Y’all are a Chrstmas miracle. That’s for sure.

You’d probably not expect me to have a really well written introduction–that’s great, I think I’ve done most of the groundwork setting us up for “being pleasantly surprised,” and I hope that’s exactly what we actually are–moving forward.

I’ve been using/looking at Aragon and the underlying technologies for some time–I wrote “some stuff” that I’ve been distributing to a group of about 300,000 people … cultivated organically over the last three years. I’m sharing it with you and asking for feedback as well as “smart people” with foresight and something to “chip in” either intellectually or pro-grammatically (totally misused right?).

I am literally in the process of registering for a 501 3c NGO; it’s called “Suez Group” and I’m pretty sure Einstein and Diane Feinstein are “on board” with the idea that what we’re doing here is “momentous.” I hope it’s not all that humorous, though–Heaven knows–there’s got to be plenty of people watching the “hurricane” that I am … and sort of cheering on the lawlessness.

Immediately looking to build a workflow/collaboration platform; something like “reddit and mediawiki and … ‘the talmud’ …” built in some kind of Dapp that will quickly turn from “just a collaborative distribute documentation platform” into something that I hope we actually use to modify the Constitution–which is my “short term penultimate goal.” (also misused, who cares).

I have a bad habit of declaring that I’ve “invented” things in a place where; lo, and behold … I find you here already well underway building them–not sure if that has something to do with “time travel” or if I just have an uncanny ability to re-invent ideas that obviously are well underway; in the “process of waiting” for the right moment to actually shock the world and “write a comment on the annotated version of the Library of Congress’s ‘Annotated Constitution’.”

You’ll immediately notice “” which with some “gnosis” instantly illuminates the kind of thing I’m describing above–as we’ve watched the idea of “annotating things like the Annotated Constitution” grow over time from something like “I stumbledUpon it; not sure if the idea is original” and then; without’ing too much–watched someone actually implement “dissenter” in a way I was pretty happy with …

Though to this day neither nor have really experienced the “echelon leap forward” in user base and interest that I expected to see–something like “./ Slashdotting the reddit crowd.”

Or whatever that means. My writing is linked in the shortened above here it is …

and here’s a wiki.js “time self-destructing” demo that I hope finds some use; if not just to comment that I really think it needs to be decentralized and that’s my “step 1”

This second link includes a number of “prior art” and news articles about this exact thing; “amending the Constitution” though not so much about the technological foundation of “how to do that” … which is why I’m here … writing to you on Christmas.

Why isn’t there a wiki Dapp?

Merry Christmas.