Financials and Funding of Genesis DAO

Financials and Funding of Genesis DAO

The purpose of this post is to give Genesis community members more insight on financials. Please ask any questions in the forum.

Where we’re at

Current funding per month (from DAOstack)

USD $40 0000

  • Etherscan account history & analytics post April 2019
  • ETH explorer stats | total of 537 transactions since April 2019
  • Transaction history pre-April 2019
  • Payment to Genesis has been made in ETH. Until a few months ago small amounts of GEN were also forwarded (as was occasionally needed). Since members of Genesis have made proposals to exchange ETH for GEN as needed. From 2nd of December payment will be made in DAI. A decision will be made shortly about the amount of GEN allocated to Genesis DAO as part of the Genesis 1.0 relaunch.

Where we’re going

Funding from November 2 (from DAOstack) is USD $40 000.

DAOstack has steadily increased funding to Genesis DAO since it began in June 2018.

Funding (in ETH) occurs on the 2nd of each month and is sent by DAOstack to the Genesis wallet. From December 2nd funding will be sent as DAI.

Funding goal by end of Q2 2020 (from multiple parties - not just DAOstack) is USD $70 000

Where we’ve been

Total contributed so far from DAOstack

825 ETH

  • 233 ETH from launch April 2018 - April 2019 | on Alchemy Alpha
  • 592 ETH from April 2019 - October 2019 | on Alchemy Earth

Number of contribution reward proposals submitted (not including reputation requests & non-financial proposals)


  • On Alchemy Alpha: 60+. The platform is no longer available and only the number of funded proposals was documented, so the total number of proposals is unknown.
  • On Alchemy Earth: 85

Number of contribution reward proposals funded (not including reputation requests & non-financial proposals)


  • On Alchemy Alpha: 60
  • On Alchemy Earth: 70

See details of proposals passed and delivered up until March 2019 in the Accountability Task Force’s Proposal Reports.

See history of proposals funded on Alchemy Earth.

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