Final Contributor DXD Redemptions - Confirmations Needed!

Hello everyone!

We are at the final leg of our journey here for DXdao and more specifically DXD claims for our contributors. Below, you will find a link to a Google Sheet that contains all the details about final DXD numbers for each contributor, as well as several detailed sheets for each year of 2020 to 2023, vesting claims, vesting contracts, and DXD histories used for calculations.

Most contributors have already responded to me on Keybase to confirm their numbers, however if you have not done so please do respond to me with urgency if you are able. If you need any assistance regarding DXD please message anyone within the Operations Guild, but specifically myself or Augusto.

I will end this post by saying I will always be around to answer any questions or help anyone in need, my PMs are always open.

Please find the link to the Final DXD Sheet here.

Edit to add:
The deployment will be taking place as soon as possible, within the next day or two.
It will be sent as DXD.
If your address is not confirmed, it will be sent to your REP address.


just an FYI - the DXD token was upgraded, so all “Left in Vesting Contracts” should be set to 0 as those have already been vested today.


Oh perfect thanks Dave I will change that ASAP!!!


Hello @allyq , so I was a contributor about 3 years ago, and have an outstanding billing for DXD. The ETH was paid. Will DM


with the DXD in the sheet and adding @ingalandia to the sheet I get the following price:


Note the price will still fluctuate based on ETH price - once all assets are liquidated we’ll take a snapshot of prices and fix the NAV amount.


Hi there @allyq , I double checked my numbers and it should be $10,500 worth of DXD not 4,300.

6,000 + 4,500 (2250 * 2) = 10,500

You can cross check both of these passed proposals -


There is a total of 10,258 WETH left over after paying out the product teams.

9326 WETH is for DXD redemptions
932.6 WETH is for REP redemptions

Final price depends on actual circulating supply (i.e. number of unclaimed vested DXD)

Hello everyone!

Updates have been made according to comments here as well as messages sent directly to me over Keybase (@allyq). Please if you HAVE NOT contacted me regarding changes needed to be made OR given me the address you prefer your DXD to be sent to, I highly encourage you to do so immediately.

All of those who do not give me an address, your REP address will be used.



Hey everyone, final checks happening. Please take a look at the ‘DATA’ section of the sheet above, make sure your address matches your totals. Thanks!