Filip Vidakovic(Philipp16) Worker Proposal 24/8/2022 - 24/10/2022 - Proof of work

Period review

The good:

We are starting with Releases and doing planning for launch, discussing with Kenny and Ross to be more available for a few standups during the week. Thank you for improvements and great proposals. Work on automation is not fast enough ‘cause we have a lot of PR’s that need to be tested, I think that’s priority so far because of preparation for launch to PROD. First step for improvement is to have a Smoke test ready in the pipeline which will be triggered on every merge to develop branch. Work a lot on Regression testing on release branches and communicate using a clear issue list.
Spent a great time in Bogota and nice to meet you all !!!

  • Successful constant testing and retesting of PRs. I tried to describe the bugs or strange behavior as well as possible so that the devs could understand and find solution to improve the state
  • Improving FTC (Test Scenarios, Test Cases and HappyPath) so that they can be ready for automation tests but also for onboarding new members who would pass the manual testing according to the instructions from these documents and get to know better all the possibilities and features of Guilds
  • Retrospective of the QA work done so far in order to look back on what has been done and consider how we can improve the work done so far and improve the work process even more
  • Start with automation and working still on LOCAL, plan to push when Smoke test will be ready for the first stage

Improved my understanding of Guilds and changed my approach in some specific cases. Need to work more on application knowledge and going deeply with it.

I understand the values ​​of being a member of a DXdao and remaining self-motivated, disciplined, and consistent in my work. Working at DXdao makes contributors not only better in the technical field or DeFi experts, but also better people who work on themselves in every field and “fight” with themselves to achieve the same goal of decentralization.


I was focused on contributing to Guilds as soon as possible and “serving a purpose” as a QA Engineer as much as I can for this trial period I haven’t had that much time to learn and get to know more about DXdao in general and other projects mentioned in the weekly meetings, so my goal is to improve to benefit the community and beyond the Guilds project but to continue to contribute to Guilds as needed and more.
More focus on application knowledge, attend more meetings and discussions, work more on QA framework after completion of testing PR’s, better understanding of low level application and communication with smart contracts.

Proof of work:

#233 - fix: Remove proposal types page and fix nft factory

#236 - Fix: Two digit bug input

#237 - Feature/folder cleanup

#238 - fix: Get storybook working with Wagmi

#239 - Fix: tooltip flickering

#241 - Refactor/ether swr to wagmi [PART 1]

#242 - Fix staking modal title

#244 - Fix: currency filters crash the app and ENS content update action error

#245 - Fix proposals filter

#248 - feat: Show mint action properly

#249 - Refactor theme config and update theme tokens

#250 - Fix: disconnect wallet

#256 - Add SWPR token transfer permissions on localhost for swapr guild

#262 - Refactor/ether swr erc20 nft

#265 - General updates and fixes for demo

#266 - Refactor/ether swr guilds

#267 - Add summary for spending calls

#273 - Feat: Get all discussions on landing page

#274 - fix: Support multiple versions of bytecodes and fix bytecode matching

#275 - Display consistent params for generic calls

#282 - fix: Remove global error boundary

#285 - Fix useProposalCalls

#286 - Feat: IPFS pinata pin

#287 - feat: allow for signal proposals

#290 - Missing icons and buttons

#291 - Better UX around proposals, adding expire time and a few seconds left

#292 - Display voted option

#293 - Initial branding

#296 - Adding watch to hooks that need it

#299 - Release/v0.0.0

#302 - Multisig Guild members number not increasing

#307 - Footer

#308 - Update content hash ens subdomains, add validations and refactor ENS content editor form

#309 - docs: Added davi readme

#312 - Display winning option

#315 - Added ProposalCardActionIcons

#317 - Hotfix: Fixing total locked in snapshot guild

#319 - Release/v1.0.1

#325 - Add approve to asset transfer permissions

#326 - fix: Crash due to ethers receiving null value

#327 - Remove debugger from useEnsResolver hook

#329 - GitHub workflow staging

#341 - Feat/raw transactions builder

#349 - Support default values from rich contract data

#350 - Reconnect to the last chain and wallet correctly

#351 - VotingPowerForProposalExecution

#353 - Fix/remove default value in number input

#354 - Add vote buttons color && validate option label

#355 - Release/v1.1.0

#357 - Proposal status pill is colored depending on status

#358 - Max opions && vote colors

#364 - Hotfix: fixed vertical scrollbar in all proposals page

#365 - Hotfix/vertical scrollbar in all proposals view

#369 - Feat/allow ens addresses for address input

#370 - Adding new contract to vote on dxdao in rich contracts

#371 - Feature/use fathom

#372 - Feature/dxdao vote rich data

#373 - Release/v1.2.0

#374 - Hide discussions

#395 - Release/v2.0.0

#396 - Add conditional flag to unsuported chain

#402 - Updating bytecodes


  • Experience Level: 4
  • Time commitment: 75%
  • Salary - Calculated from 75% rate:
    • Month 1
      • $4500 $ DAI
      • $3000 $ DXD d : Vested for 3 years with a 1 year cliff starting the [23/6/2022]
    • Month 2
      • $4500 DAI
      • $3000 DXD : Vested for 3 years with a 1 year cliff starting the [23/6/2022]
    • REP: 0.25005% - for 2 months

Salary for 2 months of work at Level 4, to be sent half on the first payment proposal and half on the second payment.

Previous work:


During this period, much effort was put into coordinating the efforts between developers, QA, product managers, and other stakeholders as DAVI is going into production. A lot of the effort has been refining the Release Process. Filip has been crucial in providing feedback on this process and also very susceptible to adopting it. It has been great to receive this feedback!

Looking forward - I hope to see an even closer collaboration and faster sync between developers and QA to ship a great product!

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