Filip Vidakovic(Philipp16) Worker Proposal 24/6/2022 - 24/8/2022 + part of Colombia stipend

Period review

The good:

For these two months trial period the main goal was to be technical onboarded in general on Guilds and to be able to create FTC, HappyPath flow as a starting point and test PRs. Thinking of automation framework and discus with QA’s from Swapr team about configuration and starting point.

  • Successful constant testing and retesting of PRs. I tried to describe the bugs or strange behavior as well as possible so that the devs could understand and find solution to improve the state
  • Writing FTC (Test Scenarios, Test Cases and HappyPath) so that they can be ready for automation tests but also for onboarding new members who would pass the manual testing according to the instructions from these documents and get to know better all the possibilities and features of Guilds
  • Retrospective of the QA work done so far in order to look back on what has been done and consider how we can improve the work done so far and improve the work process even more.
  • All these stuffs are preparation for Automation framework and better approach in testing

Every situation and moment of testing is much easier when I have the Team that I can ask for help, expecting behavior, “how to test” flow, changing configuration for testing needs. Improved my understanding of Guilds and changed my approach in some specific cases.

I understand the values ​​of being a member of a DXdao and remaining self-motivated, disciplined, and consistent in my work. Working at DXdao makes contributors not only better in the technical field or DeFi experts, but also better people who work on themselves in every field and “fight” with themselves to achieve the same goal of decentralization.

I decided and received confirmation from community members and the team that I should attend the EthCC in Colombia and I am very happy because I’ll meet all contributors from DXdao.


I was focused on contributing to Guilds as soon as possible and “serving a purpose” as a QA Engineer as much as I can for this trial period I haven’t had that much time to learn and get to know more about DXdao in general and other projects mentioned in the weekly meetings, so my goal is to improve to benefit the community and beyond the Guilds project but to continue to contribute to Guilds as needed and more.

Proof of work:

FTC(Test Scenarios, Test Cases, HappyPath Flow):

Writing FTC in collaboration with @MilanV95

Bugs and enhancement found:

Create Guild button is disabled

Search Guild field bar don’t work

Search field bar at Guild Page don’t work

View on Block Explorer hyperlink not working

REPGuild page - Members button redirection not working

REPGuild page - Portfolio button redirection not working

REPGuild page - Settings button redirection not working REPGuild page - Settings button redirection not working · Issue #78 · DXgovernance/DAVI · GitHub

SWPRGuild - wrong staking period time SWPRGuild - wrong staking period time · Issue #79 · DXgovernance/DAVI · GitHub

REPGuild page - Proposals button redirection not working

Balance field - interupted when trying to enter two digits

Voting for option on some proposal does not work as expected

Lock SWPR token button changing name

Creating proposal - extra actions appears on proposal page

Missing Members icon and Information button

Remove unused options from list

Figma - Naming for creating Signal Proposal differs from design

Figma - Contributor Payment is misspelled and icon differs from design

Figma - The order of proposals differs from design

Figma - Filters are not united under one button (Mobile response)

Figma - Text goes out of the button frame (Mobile response)

Figma - Tab option the user is currently on is not underlined

Figma - Information button is missing and Wrong Member icon (Mobile response)

Figma - Space between buttons and header line (Mobile response)

Proposal Preview page - entered options and description data not visible

Unable to join the SWPR guild from first attempt

Getting different voting power percentage, for the same amount of tokens, for different users

REPGuild - Remove withdraw tokens button

Figma - Wrong naming for Choose proposal type (Mobile response)

Figma - Wrong naming for Proposal type

Figma - Address Icon button not by Figma design (Mobile response)

Having to reset my account everytime on Metamask when initiating first transaction

Proposal Creation - Name of the options is not good

Figma - Missing disconnect button and Back to Account text next to Back button (Mobile response)

Figma - Stake tokens popup window isn’t like by Figma design (Mobile response)

Figma - Text overlaps with button in header of Create Proposal page (Mobile response)

Change button should open Metamask and allow me to change to different address

Proposal Preview page - Says proposal is active but I am unable to vote

Proposal Preview page - unable to vote for myself

Executed Proposal without being member of a Guild

Explanation for Proposal failed status

Proposal rejected after execution

Able to create Proposal with less power then required

Number of tokens within the Guild is not being updated

Auto correct dev script local blockchain time

Able to create Proposal without entering all required data

Number of tokens inside SWPRGuild not updating

The user doesn’t have to select the type of Proposal to create it

Changing the Select duration section doesn’t work properly

Displayed button ‘Switch MetaMask To Localhost’ while Localhost it is already set

Switch MetaMask To Localhost button and MetaMask extension aren’t connected properly

‘Vesting contract for DXD token’ action isn’t display properly

Proposal which include ‘Vesting contract for DXD token’ action crashes the application

At Confirm Vote popUp ‘Against’ option didn’t displayed properly

‘Global Permission Registry’ action isn’t display properly

User can’t create Proposal which include ‘Global Permission Registry’ action

Proposal which include ‘NFT Factory’ action didn’t displayed properly at SWPRGuild page

Proposal Creation - able to select asset with 0 value and create Proposal

Add token transfer permission to dev script

Redirected to White page after creating Proposal

Unable to create Proposal with ‘Global Permission Registry’ action

‘Update ENS Content’ action tooltip is flickering on hover

Unable to create Proposal with ‘Mint REP’ action

SWPRGuild page - ‘Vesting contract for DXD token’ action isn’t display properly

SWPRGuild page - ‘NFT Factory’ action isn’t display properly

In Title of ‘Stake SWAP’ window word ‘token’ is duplicated

SWPRGuild page - currency filters chrash the app

‘Mint REP’ action tooltips are flickering on hover

User can’t create Proposal which include ‘Update ENS Content’ action

Amount field - unable to insert data in some cases

SWPRGuild - ‘Action’ filters are not working as expected

Landing page unable to load

Multiple ‘NFT Factory’ actions appear in ‘Add action’ module

‘Transfer & Mint’ action - loading of recipient icon

‘Vesting contract for DXD token’ action - Unknown token

Unable to disconnect my wallet from DAPP

Transaction Rejected - Unable to vote from second account

Transaction Rejected - Unable to vote from second account

All Bugs and enhancement in one place:

PRs reviewed (manual testing):

Fix: ‘Against’ option showing as ‘0’ in proposal vote modal

Fix: Duration double click bug

First Orbis implementation

Fix/dev script breaking permission registry

Feat/get active proposals first

feat(TokenPicker): Implement native token support.

fix: Show no guilds deployed

fix: Specify guild id for token picker

fix: Use boolean value and rename to allowed when setting permissions

Fix encode & decode values for approval calls

Upgrade to React 18

fix: Remove proposal types page and fix nft factory

Fix: Two digit bug input

Feature/folder cleanup

Feature/folder cleanup

fix: Get storybook working with Wagmi.

Fix: tooltip flickering

Refactor/ether swr to wagmi [PART 1]

Fix staking modal title

Fix: currency filters chrash the app and ENS content update action error

Fix proposals filter

All PR’s in one place:

DXColombia funds:

In the previous proposal for DXColombia I didn’t add Devcon ticket 'cause I didn’t have it and for Covid testing

  • Devcon Ticket: 599$
  • Covid Test: 100$