Feedback needed: Almonit Alpress MVP/POC is ready (in Rinkey testnet)

Almonit finally released Alpress MVP: a self-governing publication platform.

This part of the MVP tests the publication system itself. The second part (not implemented yet), will be the self-governance part, and is going to be influenced by DXdao.

Why is thie relevant to DXdao?

This type of platform, based on ENS + IPFS + DAO, fits DXdao values.

An ENS+IPFS platform like Alpress let DXdao itself to be the owner of an account. It’s like decentralized services for DAOs. DXdao would own a decentralized blog and have official community publications.

We want the final product design to be aimed at dxDAO. So, we need your feedback!

How to use?

Here are the instructions on how to use Alpress MVP testing version. The blog where the instructions are written was written with Alpress itself!

To register an account and publish articles, Metamask + Rinkeby is enough, but to access the blogs you create you actually need Almonit extension for now (because it’s on testnet, and no other tool supports ENS on testnet).

Which feedback we need?

This version is not polished. There are many “hiccups” that we are aware of. Many choices were made just because they were the fastest, and we didn’t try to optimize anything so far.

We are looking for general feedback on the idea, the processes, the editor, how blogs look like etc.

So please, register an author (on Rinkeby blockchain), try to write some posts, let us know what you think!