Feedback From KyberDAO test

Jacob Pugely

My quick impressions
-Unedittable posts (understandable)
-Didnt work with opera
-Took 3 tries to post with brave
-Gas price to vote was $3 on multiple occasions
-Gen token can turn into whale wars
-People vote for potential scams easily and then cant retract vote
-privacy vs anonymity vs trust concerns
-lack of follow through regarding ideas and proof of implementation of action plans
-market volatility
-idea theft then no incentive to payout


Yeah I’ve been voting on all proposals and staking GENs to boost and unboost different ones and it’s a great experience, I feel very involved in the process.

It also raises the interesting question of how much anonymity the collective is willing to accept. I can see some commenters want everything to be as transparent as possible while others may wish to remain anonymous

Little Boy

Not being able to update a proposal is very inconvenient.

Also, you actually have to spend money (gas fee) to vote. This will definitely affect the turnout.

The DAO would have been much better if these two issues could be solved. Since this is only an experiment, I think we can learn a lot about where we need to improve.