Facilitating Canton system governance using DAO

The research is aimed at managing and facilitating Canton based governance on a distributed basis as the blueprint for self determining communities in the world which is being changed by token economies as they emerge. The Cape Party offers such a test bed for interested parties to offer and contribute their thinking for what is undoubtably the blueprint for future political structures

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Do you have links / can give some more background on this? Would love a URL to this research.

Hi Pat, very much WIP…we need the best and brightest to help us re invent society and politics…

Hi Gordon, would this be a reference of a Canton based governance the Cape Party is researching?

.“The Swiss Cantonal System: A model democracy”: https://liberty-intl.org/2000/03/the-swiss-cantonal-system-a-model-democracy/

Also, is this the Cape Party main website? Is there a link to the research?

.Cape Party: https://capeparty.com/

I also DM’d you in telegram to invite you to DAOstack’s pollinators, our group of DAO/blockchain enthusiasts envisioning DAOstack’s implementation in a variety of projects, looking forward to have you on board.


Hi Erik, Yes the Swiss canton system is exactly the model that we are modelling the cape party on…the website is capeparty.com…:slight_smile:
Thankyou for the pollinators…

We also have a crypto in the works to underlie value within the cape party movement . I will connect that team into the group as we go