Facilitate payment for 6 month Tenderly subscription

DXdao has been using Tenderly for just over a year. It is an essential tool to monitor and simulate proposals. This helps with testing and is also important and making sure any mainnet proposals are valid (before burning gas on them.) @AugustoL has also talked about plans to integrate Tenderly simulations into DXvote.

The monthly cost for the service is $500. Previously, this had been arranged by @nico but I have coordinated with him and Tenderly to switch over the subscription to Caney Fork. Tenderly allows for crypto payment in USDT. It also offers a 1 month discount if 6 months are purchased in bulk.

This proposal is requesting 2500 xDai, to be converted to USDT on Curve on Gnosis Chain, then bridged over to mainnet and sent to the Tenderly supplied address. These funds will pay for 6 months of Tenderly subscription.

In addition to the 2500 xDai, this proposal is also requesting 0.0346 ETH reimbursement for facilitating the payment. Derived from: 0.0284 ETH for estimated bridging costs and 0.0062 ETH for estimated send transaction costs

Note: this payment is being facilitated by Caney Fork LLC. Caney Fork will also be used for Tenderly’s invoicing.


The time has come to renew the subscription. Tenderly sent Caney Fork a bill for service from August 8, 2022 to February 7, 2023 at the same cost as the previous subscription ($2500). As before, this needs to be sent via USDT.

If no objections or changes, I will submit a proposal in the coming days to request in USDC and then convert and bridge as before.


Would be cool to move this payment to a guild (not sure if tenderly supports direct crypto payments) but absolutely support this.
We are now using tenderly with this account in DAVI so getting even more use out of the subscription!

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They actual require crypto payments (in USDT), so could definitely be moved to a guild as long as the guild could do a trade to USDT and send the funds on to Tenderly’s address on mainnet.

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