Exploring Metaverse NFT gaming platforms with Decentraland

The word Metaverse and the concept of the Digital world has been the buzz recently. Metaverse games are considered the new generation of gaming, entirely flipping over the gaming industry. These Metaverse NFT games are coming up with their gaming economy as well. While many new games are coming out, some games like Sandbox and decentraland bring a new virtual world. If you are completely clueless about this new gaming, here is a brief for you to know before it is too late.

Decentralized metaverse gaming!

Have a quick read on the technical jargon- the Metaverse. It is nothing but a virtual world that helps you experience everything you experience in the real world. In traditional games, you operate a digital avatar to do what you want, but here you are, the digital avatar. Though there are many Metaverse-based games like Horizon worlds by meta, Sandbox, and more, Decentraland is one of the most popular and easy-to-understand games.

You must have played games based on building a city, farming, and more. Decentraland is a decentralized blockchain-based NFT game on Metaverse, similar to that. It is the virtual world in the making. With the in-game currency MANA, you can buy land plots for other user-generated items in the game. To make it simple, it is a virtual world with real-world value. You can build anything on your land, from Concert arenas to shopping complexes.

Did you know the land parcels of Decentraland have been sold for millions? It is a Play to earn NFT game that gives fun and the ability to earn. Decentraland public places, concert arenas, fashion shows, and more are getting into the headlines making people curious about the tech.


Though Decentraland came out as early as 2015, it was publicly released only in 2020. This popular Play to earn Metaverse game is still in its infancy. You can access it with VR headsets and directly through browsers as well. Many gaming platforms are trying to bring out their gaming economy, like decentraland, which gradually led to developing the new generation of gaming platforms.