Explorative DXbiz <> Tally.Cash partnership discussion

@Arhat and I had a call with Tally.Cash. We are purely in the exploratory phase with these discussion, and we would like to hear from the greater community. Thanks to @Arhat who wrote up the bulk of the information below.

On the coming Oct 4th Monday BizDev call we’ll have people present Tally.Cash to DXdao, with a Q&A session.

Tally is going to be a community-owned and operated, and open source Web3 wallet, bringing an alternative to ConsenSys hegemony.

They plan to distribute governance tokens with a Merkle drop and incentivize further distribution among communities through referrals. It will allow people to do anything people do today with MetaMask, and will also offer:

  • A UI overhaul to provide much more customer-centric focus and better UX for ease of use
  • Swapping, farming, lending and borrowing can be integrated
  • There could also be community curated token lists

There is interest from both sides to explore:

  • Governance collaboration with the Swapr guild and DXdao
  • Having Swapr as a protocol integration for cross-chain bridging
  • Swapping with eco-routing
  • DIY liquidity mining and farming

Tally.Cash invited us to do a Swapr AMA on their Discord community call that are hosted every Friday. This could be beneficial from a community and growth perspective. They’re having one with BanklessDAO today. We’ve also discussed DXventures possibly ‘helping’ since Web3 is in dire need of a decentralized, open source and community-owned wallet.

Would love to hear your thoughts and questions, and if this is of interest please join the BizDev call on Monday.