Exchange 300 DAI for GEN

I created this thread to document the steps I followed to implement the proposal of the same name, see “Exchange 300 DAI for GEN” proposal on PolkaDAO

1/ Submitted my proposal, which requests 300 DAI & 0.02% Rep
2/ Boosted the proposal
3/ Proposal passed
4/ Meh… I can’t redeem the 300 DAI because I boosted the proposal, which means I’m also eligible for GEN reward… and PolkaDAO does not have any GEN (that’s the reason why this proposal was created in the first place)
5/ I send 300 GEN to PolkaDAO’s wallet (transaction on etherscan) so that I can then redeem the proposal. I will claim these GEN back in a follow up proposal.
6/ I redeem the proposal (receive the 300 DAI in my wallet)
7/ I exchange 300 DAI in 4,049.8999646652 GEN using, see transaction log

8/ I send the GEN tokens to PolkaDAO’s wallet:

PolkaDAO now has GEN and contributors can start redeeming.

9/ I create my follow up proposal to get my 300 GEN back – this is still to do

Nov 2019: PolkaDAO ran out of GEN again

So I had to:
A. Send 300 GEN from my pocket in order to unlock proposals stuck in the Regular Queue
B. Exchange 500 DAI for GEN via this proposal

Here is a log of what happened:
1/ Send 300 GEN from my wallet to PolkaDAO
2/ Redeem the 500 DAI from the proposal
3/ Exchange 500 DAI to GEN - I received 5,535.41 GEN
4/ Send back 5,235.41 GEN to PolkaDAO