Etherlabs AB - contributor proposal - Oct 01 to Dec 31 2022

Etherlabs - Q4 proposal

Hey, This is Venky, from etherlabs AB to provide services to DXdao and Swapr around product management and support in QA, bizdev, governance and operations.

Responsibilities for October 1st to December 31st 2022:

  • Roadmap planning, working out operational details of restructuring proposal.
  • Budgeting For Swapr 2023 along with Zett.
  • Working with Zett to execute the implementation of Swapr roadmap, visualising the roadmap as epics and features, planning capacity for the dev team and ensuring the features are released.
  • Planning, prioritising features in Swapr product development.
  • Working closely with developers and QA in coordinating epics, bugs, PRs and releases.
  • Discussions around farming, emissions and farming campaigns.
  • Discussions around SWPR guilds along with Ross, DXGov and Zett.
  • Roadmap for Swapr Q1 2023.
  • Investigate how users use Swapr with useFathom and feed it back to the Swapr squad to align the roadmap / content delivery / growth.
  • Work with Wayne on strategising content.
  • Work with Bizdev team to drive growth initiatives for Swapr.
  • Help with coordinating and researching the new backend for Swapr.


Experience level : 6
Time commitment : 100% July to September. I might take a few days off in August to have some time with the family. I will let the squad know the dates and reflect it in the payment accordingly. As part of this proposal, I will ask for payment for the month of July and then take payments for August and September retroactively.


  • 8000 XDAI
  • 6000 worth of DXD vested for 3 years with a 1 year cliff.
  • 0.1667% REP

November and December - retroactive per month:

  • 8000 XDAI
  • 6000 worth of DXD vested for 3 years with a 1 year cliff.
  • 0.1667% REP

As a seperate request,
I would also like to notify that I would like to go up one level to level 7 from the beginning of January 2023. The contributor guidelines state that I have thorough experience in my vertical as well as Web3/DeFi/DAOs. I am reliable and effective at completing tasks, and may even drive certain initiatives.

I think that I have established experience in management / coordination and leading initiatives and releases. I have also created a lot of initiatives within DXDao that it hopefully will be able to prove my skills and abilities and will be approved to go up one level.

I would also love to receive feedback public or private if there is anything that I should improve upon to make it to next level.

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Cant edit the post.
Time commitment : 100% October to December. I might take a few days off end of December to have some time with the family. I will let the squad know the dates and reflect it in the payment accordingly. As part of this proposal, I will ask for payment for the month of October and then take payments for November and December retroactively.

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Hey Venky, one thing I didn’t see in this proposal is something about SWPR token value accrual. I know we had talked about using Swapr fees to purchase SWPR but nothing has been decided. I think engaging with this question and coming up with a solution to the community is a priority for DXdao. It involves the whole community but think it should be a goal to think about the 50%+ of SWPR tokens in DXdao’s treasury, and perhaps ways to incentivize the team or bring in other stakeholders.

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Hey Chris! Yes. This will be part of my activity as well. There was a proposal and it was under review with a few contributors and then devcon came.


I’ll echo what I just said on @adamazad’s worker proposal . . . it’s s bit strange to me that Swapr is struggling and yet its leaders are rewarding themselves with level increases.

Hey John, It was definitely not an intention of rewarding myself. It was intended about the responsibilities and the initiatives that I have been taking up within Swapr and DXDao.

Also, I would like to differ from your view of how a product performs is different from how a contributor is paid out. When DXDao has a variable compensation or product linked compensation, we can get into this discussion. Right now, the compensation guidelines state if a person is reliable and effective at completing tasks or driving initiatives, he is a Level 7. I am also giving a heads up 3 months in advance to get feedback about what I could work on / improve as a “contributor”. Swapr could be existing today and might not exist tomorrow, but the responsibilities, initiatives and expectations always increases and I am pretty sure I am already fulfilling responsibilities for a Level 7.

I dont mind staying at Level 6 if there is a lot of backlash about my increase to Level 7 and that if this feels like an outlandish promotion.

Swapr is struggling, yes I acknowledge that. We are already working on a bunch of initiatives that would help Swapr. With ERC20 guilds, we will finally have the opportunity to move to new networks which was a problem until now with limitations to setup new DAO bases to every chain. So, the struggle for Swapr is also atrributed towards DXDao unable to expand to new chains and couldnt handle the operational overhead, which you had been pretty vocal about as well.


Your experience, effort and responsibilities should reflect your level, regardless of what product or how much “struggle” there is. DXdao needs more people like you Venky.
If we have a performance based levels system, we need to relook everyones levels and have that reflected in the guidelines.


Understood Venky, and to be clear, I think you deserve to go up to Level 7 and would personally support this move. In my view however, it only makes sense for these increases to be put on hold until the restructuring plan is figured out. You had plenty of feedback and pushback for the original restructuring post so I think you should be aware of the optics.

This is a fair view and could make sense in my opinion as well. Again I’d just like to see DXdao focus on making restructuring adjustments in a coordinated way before going ahead.

And to be clear, my questioning was not intended to be criticism of your performance or dedication to DXdao/Swapr.

Hi, This is a proposal for my payment for the work done in October and November. I already got payment for October and this is only for the month of November. These services are administered through DevX and payments are sent to DevX’s wallet (DevX.eth). A separate proposal will request the outstanding REP balance.

Release of Beta 16.1, Beta 16.2, Beta 17, Beta 17.1 and Beta 17.2
Working on the Beta 18 scope
Product feedback for Limit orders PR to Velu and Adam.
Product feedback for charts and advanced trading view to Leo and Diogo.
Planning and executing the handover from SpaceInch to the Swapr contributors.
Design review, product feedback for token list picker 2.0
Feature review and coordinating Expeditions development with Adam and Vance.
Working on budget proposal for Swapr for H1 2023 with Zett. This took a long time to breakdown the different routes that Swapr had and to get this into a state that we proposed in.
Since Nathan has moved on, taken over some of the community support in Discord.
Worked on content strategy with Wayne to spruce up Swapr medium which looked pretty dead.
Setup Swapr growth squad that included leads of Swapr dev, product, dxvoice and dxbiz. The aim of this is to make sure there is a forum to bring discussions from the various teams on what could be done to get Swapr grow exponentially.
Analysed the first month of analytics with useFathom and a short presentation was given to the attendees of growth squad and to the Swapr squad.

Planning / testing and providing feedback to dxstats. We have decided to also stop actively working on dxstats unless it is absolutely necessary. Paolo did some amazing job here and has since moved on to do some great stuff for Carrot.

Understanding scope, designs and then capacity planning.
Working on budget for Carrot.

8000 in stables as part of this proposal.

I will write retroactive when I claim my December month payment.

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Hi, This is a proposal for my payment for the work done in December. These services are administered through DevX and payments are sent to DevX’s wallet (DevX.eth). A separate proposal will request the outstanding REP balance.

There were no new releases for Swapr, but Beta 18 is getting a huge update. Limit orders with CoWSwap, advance trading mode with tradingview integration and a lot of small features and bugfixes.
Working with Vance and Keenan on Expeditions.
Posted the budget proposal for Swapr.
Planning the tasks / scope for Q1 based on the new budget and developer availability.
Working on Zapr and reviewing the contracts / design and development.
Product support.
Running recurring content strategy meetings with Wayne.

Understanding scope, designs and then capacity planning.
Published budget for Carrot.

7200 in stables as part of this proposal, after calculating the time taken off.

This quarter was very busy with understanding the new structuring / budgeting and guilds etc. It was pretty hard to get a focus on the product and on the budget. Hopefully, we will have a better and slimmer budgetting process from the next half year on. Also, it would be better if we could get the priorities board first to understand where each product lies in the list of priorities for the DAO so as to not go back and forth and redo the budgets all over again.

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