Etherlabs AB - contributor proposal - July 01 to Sep 30 2022

Hey, This is Venky, from etherlabs AB to provide services to DXdao and Swapr around product management and support in QA, bizdev, governance and operations.

Responsibilities for July to September 2022:

  • Working with Zett to execute the implementation of Swapr roadmap, visualising the roadmap as epics and features, planning capacity for the dev team and ensuring the features are released.
  • Planning, prioritising features in Swapr product development.
  • Working closely with developers and QA in coordinating epics, bugs, PRs and releases.
  • Help with roadmap for Swapr contracts.
  • Working with Zett and DxGov on governance roadmap for Swapr guilds.
  • Make DxStats better, adding more data, analytics and insights.
  • Discussions around farming, emissions and coordinating Arbitrum farming campaigns.
  • Work on Q4 planning and roadmap.
  • Contribute towards Carrot v1 testing and feedback.
  • Contribute towards JOLT testing and feedback.

Swapr goals, milestones and roadmap:
Swapr squad discussed together about a possible roadmap for Q3 and features that would be interesting to solve and release during this period.

The priority for Swapr for Q3 and Q4 would be to launch on new networks and provide great UX for all traders, projects and partners that will be using Swapr.

The squad sat together in a series of sessions to understand the features, its rank on priorities, estimate and then perform an impact assesment.

The list of features that were discussed are as below in the order of priority:

From the list, we arrived at the estimates by discussing with the squad together. These are estimated in weeks and should be considered these are just estimates :slight_smile:

With the features and the estimates, we did a prioritisation matrix and we took into account how effective these features are against each other in terms of giving value to users.

We would like to keep in mind that the roadmap is still elastic and will be affected based on how the AMM, bridging and dex aggregator ecosystem evolves and moves forward.

Link to Miro board: Miro | Online Whiteboard for Visual Collaboration

Team Tokens:
From this Q3, we would also like to introduce team tokens as a way to encourage contributors to complete and release features. Based on the feature’s impact, estimate and complexity, each feature will be given a certain weight, calculated manually by me :frowning: (for now)

A seperate daotalk post and proposal will be created to vote and decide how much of SWPR should be allocated per quarter, what should be the vesting principles, how would the distribution look like and how do we deal with the contractors’ distribution within Swapr squad.

Currently, with an intended allocation of 500K SWPR for the Swapr squad, this is how the feature wise distribution looks like.

If there are any new additions to the roadmap, we will need to have a discussion around how to allocate team tokens for the ones that snuck in.

Approving this proposal onchain doesnt approve the team tokens distribution


Experience level : 6
Time commitment : 100% July to September. I might take a few days off in August to have some time with the family. I will let the squad know the dates and reflect it in the payment accordingly. As part of this proposal, I will ask for payment for the month of July and then take payments for August and September retroactively.


  • 8000 XDAI
  • 6000 worth of DXD vested for 3 years with a 1 year cliff.
  • 0.1666% REP

August and September - retroactive:

  • 8000 XDAI
  • 6000 worth of DXD vested for 3 years with a 1 year cliff.
  • 0.1666% REP

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For the month of July and August, these are some of the work that I contributed with:

Tasks that I have been working and coordinating on:

  • Beta 14, Beta 14.1, Beta 14.2 and Beta 15 releases
  • Coordinating for Beta 16 and further releases with the devs that include BridgeSwap, user dashboard, trading history, simple chart, advanced chart, LP Zapping, OP integration.
  • Also, helping to define requirements for Arbitrum Odyssey campaigns and Swapr expeditions.
  • Researching for Q4 roadmap.
  • Setup Swapr farming campaigns in Arbitrum.
  • Tested most of the features and gave timely comments and feedback to the devs.
  • Coordinating with other contributors Adam, Luzzi and Zett on the future of Swapr and researching what model of AMM should Swapr lead forward.
  • Worked with Paolo and Boris on redesigning DxStats
  • Onboarding of Vance


Experience level : 6
Time commitment : I was away for 1 day in July that was already paid for and I was away for 4 days in August on a vacation. I will deduct 16.6% of the month’s pay and would like to request a compensation of

  • 6667 USD in stables (USDC or XDAI)
  • 5000 worth of DXD vested for 3 years with a 1 year cliff.
  • 0.1666% REP

Hey, This is a payment proposal for the month of September.

Tasks that I have been working and coordinating on:

  • Beta 16 release
  • Analysing Swapr data with useFathom and onchain data.
  • Initiated a Swapr growth group with some of the other contributors to work on initiatives to increase more users for Swapr
  • Had a lot of planning and discussion calls throughout the month to look into whats the future of Swapr.
  • Coordination, Testing and feedback for all the features that are in progress like simple charts, advanced trading mode, LP Zapping, Swapr in BSC, DxStats.
  • Setup to collect user feedback and feature requests from community.
  • Initiated a Swapr research group with a few contributors to find out what should be the next steps for Swapr as AMM. We need Federico for this initiative and hoping he will be able to find some time after Carrot to be able to research.
  • Having a few calls with Wayne to strategise how to deliver content and work on a cadence for how to deliver content through different channels for Swapr.
  • Investigating how to use UTMs with useFathom.
  • Improve SEO after feedback from Michal (SpaceInch) and Diogo. A lot of small things to be done in the next 2 to 3 months / releases to make sure we Swapr is optimised for SEO.
  • Q4 roadmap as written down here.

SEO discussion was very good and its pretty good that we are looking into this right now (even though its pretty late).
LP Zapping, where users will be able to zap into a liquidity pair across any dex from within Swapr.
Testing of advanced trading mode and priding constant product feedback.

Personally, I was a lot stressed with the kind of discussions that were in the forums about restructuring and refocus. Even though it is much needed, it didnt go well in a healthy way. I hope DXDao will find a good way to have these kind of discussions. I hope DXDao builds 100s of products with a focus on decentralisation and we need to constantly be having these tough discussions and decisions, but not the way we had the past month.


  • 8000 USD as stable coins.
  • 6000 USD worth of DXD vested for 3 years with a 1 year cliff.
  • 0.1666% REP