Etherlabs AB - contributor proposal - April to June 2022

Hey, This is Venky from etherlabs AB to provide services to DXdao and Swapr around product management and support in QA, bizdev, governance and operations.

Responsibilities for April to June 30 2022:

  • Working with Zett to execute the implementation of Swapr roadmap, visualising the roadmap as epics and features, planning capacity for the dev team and ensuring the features are released.
  • Planning, prioritising features in Swapr product development.
  • Working closely with developers and QA in coordinating epics, bugs, PRs and releases.
  • Testing and QA for Swapr.
  • Working with Zett and DxGov on governance roadmap for Swapr guilds.
  • make dxstats better, working with a few trial contributors we are onboarding. DxStats could use some love and an upgrade to make it leaner and faster with more analytics thrown in.
  • onboarding new contributors to Swapr and DXdao.
  • Discussions around farming, emissions and coordinating Arbitrum farming campaigns.
  • Work on Q3 planning and roadmap.
  • Contribute towards Carrot v1 testing and feedback.
  • Contribute towards JOLT testing and feedback.

Swapr goals, milestones and roadmap:
The roadmap for Swapr as presented at the beginning of the quarter contained this as the revised roadmap.

From the roadmap, we split the items into features and listed them as goals and milestones for the quarter. Some of these features need to be untangled and sorted out based on how these will be implemented. We should also like to keep in mind that the roadmap is still elastic and will be affected based on how the AMM and aggregator ecosystem evolves and moves forward, how the partnerships are made and what makes sense for Swapr to implement to make it the most user-friendly AMM + aggregator.


Experience level : 6
Time commitment : 100% April and May. 50% to 75% in June, unsure about how much I have available.

- 8000 XDAI
- 6000 worth of DXD vested for 3 years with a 1 year cliff.
- 0.1666% REP

- 8000 XDAI
- 6000 worth of DXD vested for 3 years with a 1 year cliff.
- 0.1666% REP

I will be away on a holiday and will be available around 50% to 75%. I will request payment based on how much time I have spent working at the end of June.

Previous worker proposals from Etherlabs AB:
Etherlabs - Jan to March 2022


Payment proposal - April 2022

Hey, Please check below the tasks completed during the month of April.

Tasks that went well:

  • Coordinating Beta 12 release with the Swapr contributors. The scope of Beta 12 gradually increased from a major release to a mega release. (New swapbox, ecoBridging, Socket Integration, Polygon support for ecoRouter)
  • Coordinating with Paolo and Wixzi on the DxStats release. This has been pending for almost half a year and we are working on the stats to fix some critical issues.
  • Working with Zett and Ross on the guilds and a plan on what functions would be first used by the guilds.
  • Onboarding MilanV, Paolo, Wixzi, Diogo and Jorge.
  • Met a bunch of dxers in Amsterdam and it was great to meet them personally after working with them for almost 6 to 8 months, some over a year.

Tasks and areas that could be better:
Swapr should probably do better in terms of release planning and make shorter releases. There are lot of features that are being built in parallel, we get to a stage where we are done 85 to 90%, but it kind of takes a longer time where it is release ready.

As part of the compensation, I would like to receive the following as payment:

  • 8000 XDAI as stables
  • 6000 USD worth of DXD vested for 3 years with a 1 year cliff.
  • 0.1667% REP

Looks good Venky! Slight typo in REP request: 0.1667% instead of * 0.1666%


Payment proposal - May 2022

Hey, Please check below some of the tasks completed during the month of May.

Ongoing tasks during the month:
We made a release of Beta 12, but it was with a reduced scope with new swapbox and Polygon support.
The next release would contain some of the ongoing implementation of Socket Integration, DIY farming update, new liquidity page to streamline fonts and colors, Omnibridge and Connext integration.
The current status of Q2 roadmap items are below:

Contracts roadmap - We had a discussion with Adam, Federico, John and Zett to seperate Contracts roadmap alongside the dapp roadmap to look at whats next in terms of smart contracts to provide most value for Swapr users and for the product to attract more liquidity across chains. Logging the investigations in the Notion board for initial research and brainstorming.

I have also started working on the Q3 roadmap along with Zett. We would do a similar exercise with the devs to figure out the estimations and what makes sense to be scoped into the Q3 roadmap. This is still a WIP and a lot could change from what is in the stickies here right now.

We will also have a seperate discussion with the devs to figure out the refactoring scope for the dapp. The feedback from the devs is that we should probably address this sooner to make way for faster product development in the future.

We also made a DxStats release 1.5.0 that included multichain dashboard, improved performance and a better typography.
For the next release, we will also be working on new stats that will go into the dashboard page, more bug fixes and performance improvements.
We are also getting help from Boris (UX designer) to do a small redesign to make it look in alignment with Swapr design.

For the month of June:
A good goal for the month of June would be to facilitate and finalise the Q3 roadmap for product development, contracts and refactoring, release of Beta 13.


I was away for 1.5 days travelling. I will subtract 541 USDC and 403 USD worth of DXD.
I am still going to ask for 0.1667% REP as I got some feedback from my earlier proposals that it is okay to ask for full REP for one-time off days. Kindly let me know if its not the case :slight_smile:

As part of the compensation, I would like to receive the following as payment:

  • 7459 WXDAI as stables
  • 5597 USD worth of DXD vested for 3 years with a 1 year cliff.
  • 0.1667% REP

Payment proposal - June 2022

Hey, Please find the tasks that was done as part of June and retrospective about the quarter.

June tasks:
As I said in my earlier proposal, I was travelling and hence couldnt contribute full time. For the hours that I contributed, these are some of the tasks that I helped accomplish for DXdao:


  • Testing PRs and giving feedback to developers
  • Discussions around scope for what we should do for Arbitrum Odyssey and how to send feedback to Arbitrum team.
  • Discussions around ecoRouter analytics and whether we should integrate useFathom
  • Helped enable discussion around refactoring the codebase in Swapr. A lot of good inputs from Diogo, Velu, Adam and Berteotti.
  • Created farming proposals for Epoch 20 and 21 in Arbitrum.
  • Had Q3 roadmap workshop with the Swapr squad.
  • Working on how team tokens could be distributed for features completed on roadmap.
  • Supporting EPNS and working on a plan to integrate EPNS for Swapr.
  • Q3 roadmap discussions, facilitation, prioritisation and planning.
  • Budget planning for H2


  • Testing PRs and giving feedback to Paolo.
  • Coordinated with Boris and Dirk for new dxstats design


At the beginning of quarter, we did an exercise with the devs on estimation and tasks that we have for Q2 and the status of those tasks at the end of Q2 are here:

Some of the above ones are moved to Q3 and some will be Deferred until a new decision is taken on whether to pursue this or not.

We had a few hiccups in terms of estimation (underestimated) and despite that I would say we achieved almost 75 to 80 percent of what we set out as a Q2 goal.

What has been great:
The squad is evolving really well and I am looking forward to how Q3 and Q4 will shape up because this is the first time we are having a decent sized squad while going into the quarter.

What could have been better:
We could have been better at having short release cycles.
We could have had more focus around evolving our contracts.

I was able to contribute only about 7 hours on an average per day during the month of June as I was travelling a lot and hence I would like to receive only about 87.5% of monthly compensation.

  • 7000 XDAI as stables
  • 5250 USD worth of DXD vested for 3 years with a 1 year cliff.
  • 0.146% REP

Awesome work with organizing everything with Swapr. Looking forward to working together to keep shipping new and improved versions :slight_smile:


Been great working with Venky.