Etherisc DIP Token x Mesa

Hi everybody,

I’m Christoph Mussenbrock, CEO & Founder of Etherisc.

Etherisc and Decentralized Insurance

Etherisc is building a platform for decentralized insurance applications. We are creating a platform across the industry’s value chain. Corporates, large and small, not-for-profit groups and insurtech startups can build products and services on top of the platform. We aim to use blockchain technology to help make the purchase and sale of insurance more efficient, enable lower operational costs, provide greater transparency into the industry and democratize access to reinsurance.

From our early days at DevCon2 we have created numerous prototypes for parametric insurance, starting from FlightDelayInsurance to crop insurance, where we have launched a successful pilot in Sri Lanka and where we are currently working on a new project in Kenya.

In 2020, we finally managed to receive regulatory approval for our solution in Germany. This will enable us to launch our products on Ethereum Mainnet or some sidechain like xDai Network.


DIP Token
In 2017, we have established the Swiss-based Decentralized Insurance Foundation (DIF). The DIF has issued the DIP token in our 2018 ICO from June to July. We colleced approx 3.5M USD. The proceeds have been used to build our Generic Insurance Framework (GIF) which is a multi-purpose system of smart contracts to enable insurance products and connect them with 3rd party oracles like weather stations, satellite data and the like.

The DIP token will be used as staking token for risk pools which act as collateral for the insured risks.
Beside, the DIP token will also act as a governance token after we transistion the GIF to a DAO.
Stakers are rewarded for taking risks by receiving the main part of the premiums paid for insurance cover.

The DIP token is currently listed on Uniswap V1 and V2, as well as on IDEX, with significant daily trading volume.

Token on Etherscan:

DIP Token x Mesa
While Uniswap already offers very attractive ways to integrate our token in our products, we believe that the fine-grain control of mesa is significantly better suited to our needs than Uniswap.

I have launched a proposal on dxDAO and kindly ask the dxDAO members to approve it:

I’m happy to answer any questions here or in our telegram community

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