Ethereum account breeding dapp

With more Ethereum adoption, the network will host many more newly created accounts than it already has.
An Ethereum account is a public / private hash pair. All newborn addresses are the same, they don’t have any history, they cant sell token on AMMs, they cant deposit on layer 2, they don’t know anything about CHI and …
They have to learn and grow, and this needs time and money in the form of gas, and obviously: “Wherever there is a need, there is an opportunity”.
So this could be an opportunity for DXDAO to develop the answer:
An account breeding dapp where accounts can learn there, they even learn things their owners do not know they need to learn.
Dapp have different learning paths:
1- Based on recipes (Like: I want my account become a professional Uniswap trader)
2- Using another account (Like: I want my account learn everything that one already knows)
3- Customized (Like: Let me choose from a list of capabilities)

After that the owner will set the gas price and sign transactions

Even more:
The dapp could create pre-built accounts based on popular recipes inside TEE when gas price is lower and sell them.
Or some side works like: A scanner to find capabilities of any account.

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Just a thought inspired by this post . . what if DXdao allowed accounts to handle a bunch of “set up” actions like approving certain tokens for use on Swapr/Mesa/Omen through a single action in a UI owned by DXdao.

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