ETHDenver Week Notes (Thread)

Sky’s ETHDenver Week Notes

Below are some of my takeaways from the busy week in Denver attending DAODenver, Schelling Point, ETHDenver, and many crypto parties and side events throughout the week.

ETHDenver and the week of surrounding events appears to be the largest Ethereum event to ever take place. It was huge, almost too huge.

DXdao Awareness
Though there were many newer people who may not have been aware of DXdao, the OGs in the space are starting to mention and sometimes reference DXdao more often (especially in conversations around governance and DAOs). I believe this awareness has happened due to the activeness of DXdao contributors at events over the past year. I also think DXdao’s merch has helped too. I saw multiple people wearing and talking about the DXdao ‘DAO definition’ shirt from Lisbon. One lawyer said it’s one of the only crypto shirts she can wear to a business meeting!

In Denver, hundreds of people learned about DXdao for the first time, or more about DXdao over the week. In most cases, people are very interested to learn about DXdao. However, other people don’t seem to recognize the DXdao name sometimes - 10+ people mixed up DXdao with dYdX.

The crowd that showed up to Denver was quite a bit different than the crowd attending ETHDenver in the past, or ETHCC and ETHLisbon this past year. I think the rapid growth helped give an idea of the number of people who have entered the space during covid times.

As an example, there was an entry fee of 0.05 ETH for the ETHDenver poker tournament. Normally, entrants send the ETH from an EOA wallet. This time, about 25% of the entrants sent ETH from a centralized exchange wallet (you can imagine how difficult this makes matching up participants to entry fees!) In past poker tournaments, this number was close to 0. This partly shows the expansion of the type of people participating.

The panels that included DXdao contributors provide great value. DXdao sitting next to big well known projects like MakerDAO is important for DXdao, especially when DXdao can stand out on the topics being discussed.

DXdao Happy Hour event
Overall, I think this is one of the best types of events to have during a week like this. It provides a great venue to meet and talk with people in a fun, accessible setting. We received a decent turnout but because of super busy schedules and the snow storm, there were still many people that could not or did not attend.
We’ll have to figure out how to get the people we want to attend to attend next time. But this event is better than dark club parties with loud DJs.

Cross Pollination
I believe that DXdao contributors participating in other communities, their events and conversations is one of the most meaningful ways to benefit DXdao. It builds awareness and relational recognition. More people start to reference DXdao when discussing DAO issues and topics.

Big Ideas
In person conversations is by far the best place to come up with and discuss big ideas with other people, teams and projects. I had many conversations over the week that are the seeds of what can turn into some big meaningful opportunities.

Speaking with journalists who write about the space but participate little in the space was a meaningful opportunity. I had the opportunity to fascinate some minds when describing some of the important methods and tools that DXdao uses when it comes to decentralization.

I think DXdao should start developing a PR strategy to really solidify DXdao and its contributors as knowledgeable experts in the DAO space. Because of a solid PR strategy, I think ETHDenver will be the most covered ETH event ever.

I think the SporkDAO/ETHDenver team have done an amazing job with what they have organized. It’s quite impressive and recognizable. We see an example of Gitcoin leaning into this community. It may be a smart opportunity for DXdao to lean into it as well.

DXdao Products
Many people were educated about DXdao’s products many times over the week. However, I am not sure what actions will come out of those conversations. I think the number one potential action would be for someone to check out Swapr.
Because many of our products are still early versions, there doesn’t seem to be many scenarios where the person or project can take the next step immediately with the product. For example, we don’t have examples of projects using or copying DXdao’s governance system (even though they are often impressed by it).

ETHDenver being a hackathon seems like it should be a great place to recruit contributors. Because there are many newer people to the space, there appears to be an opportunity to recruit junior level contributors. I didn’t see much of an opportunity to recruit senior contributors.

I have a list of people who love the little DXdao person made for ETHDenver. They have expressed that this little person should become permanently attached to DXdao. For example, little person could dress differently and take a different action for ETHAmsterdam. Little person probably also needs a name.