ETHDenver Contributor Stipend

Below outlines a draft proposal for a stipend for DXdao’s contributors participating in ETHDenver. ETHDenver is a conference and hackathon that will be taking place from February 11-24th in Denver, Colorado, USA. DXdao contributors are highly encouraged to participate in this conference as ETHDenver is one of the largest Ethereum hackathons in the Americas and DXdao is a sponsor of the event. More details around the sponsorship can be found here.

Contributor stipend


Daily stipend - $150 (up to $1500 max)
Transportation - $400 US / Canada, $800 Europe or $1200 long-haul
Mandatory Covid-19 testing - $200
Accommodation - All accommodation costs for each contributor (i.e. Hotel, Airbnb, hostel etc.)

Claiming Funds

Contributors will be able to claim these funds on either network (Mainnet or Gnosis chain) as part of their contributor proposal or as a standalone proposal.