ETHCC & Paris Blockchain Week Notes (Thread)

Sky’s ETHCC & Paris Blockchain Week Notes

Below are some of my takeaways from the busy week in Paris attending ETHCC, The DAOist, one off conversations and many different networking and side events throughout the week.

The ecosystem’s main focus has moved on from specific DeFi projects to focusing on coordination, tools for coordination and coordination incentives.

These all relate to also solving the problem of building public goods.
Vitalik’s talk was the centerpiece of this and Vitalik is often (always) ahead of the curve.

DXdao has a chance to be a leader in this space.

There have been other communities that have been solving these coordination problems on a smaller scale. The ecosystem needs a culture that allows for these successes.

All parties can do their own part.

With that being said, DAOs are a huge piece of the puzzle. Everyone is talking about DAOs. Many conversations seem to start with “What DAOs are you in?”!
People don’t seem to pay too much attention to the type of DAO or the technical framework. They are more interested in communities and decentralized coordination.

DXdao Awareness & Identity
It was really great to have a sizable DXdao presence in Paris. Many people had never heard of DXdao (or knew very little about it) and are now more interested in it. However, many still don’t know DXdao’s products or DXdao’s mission.

DXdao needs a tagline that people can remember. The one sentence that can be tied to what is DXdao’s identity – its “why?”

Why does DXdao exist?

The DAOist event was really great. It was the sub-audience that is REALLY into DAOs.

DAO2DAO interaction is VERY important.

In my opinion, DXdao should be:

  • Investing in other DAOs (DXventures)
  • Aligning interests with other DAOs (token swaps)
  • Hiring other DAOs (Service DAOs/PR DAOs etc.)
  • Building WITH other DAOs
  • Teaching other DAOs about decentralized governance
  • Experimenting with other DAO frameworks
  • Using more products in the space (from other DAOs). Treasury management could be a great method to do this. DXdao using projects will likely open opportunity doors.

[We can dive into each one of these opportunities further - there is lots going on!]

DAO Data Layer
We should look much deeper into Ceramic ( It seems to be what many people are very excited about. I believe it will create the data layer that allows for many things that DAOs need.
Ceramic seems to be building for DAOs – DXventures could have an opportunity there.

DXventures will have a hard time participating with projects that are looking for traditional VC funding. More and more, I think projects will want to take community money rather than VC money. Most just don’t know how (and there are regulatory unknowns).
I think sandboxes would be one of the best ways to solve this issue.
DXdao as an incubator could be a great path forward.

Decentralized Governance
Other DAOs are trying to figure out how to do decentralized governance, to organize decentralized collectives and do all the things that come with it.

I met a person in the space that likely plans to provide outsourced “HR for DAOs”. There is massive demand for this.
(@Melanie I told her all about Contributor Experience, you and your role and will connect you).

WEB3 Usage
A friend of mine was observing how the community in Paris was using Web 3 tools. Are we using what we are building? His conclusion was “not really”.

The most popular Web3 use this week was POAPs. And I believe that’s because the POAP team has a fearless, obsessive leader with a very focused mission and people are beginning to realize the power of “badges”.
Outside of that, who used Web3 products?

My feeling is that many DXdao attendees to Paris this week have now had a chance to see and experience the Ethereum community in real life (“IRL”) and I’d be interested to hear people’s diverse opinions from the week.

Some people have already started to discuss the importance of a DXoffsite (maybe around one of the next ETH events), and the benefits of getting together IRL.

DXdao Community Involvement
DXdao has the opportunity to be involved in way more events. And this likely starts with ETHglobal events this year. We should have prizes in all these hackathons. It builds awareness and is one of the best recruiting tools. But we NEED resources to commit to events. Our devs have to be on call especially at the start of hackathons. This is a time commitment for sure but seems very worth it.

There was little conversational talk about L2s. I don’t know why. People seem to be “waiting to see”. Until L2s are ready for use in full force, it seems people aren’t focusing on it.

WalletConnect v2
WalletConnect v2 could change the multichain game user experience. As more sidechains, L1s and L2s come into play, the world is becoming multichain for sure. Flipping between chains using MetaMask is still a bad experience. WalletConnect v2 will allow you to connect to multiple chains at once. You’ll be able to do a “single” WalletConnect transaction and have that transact on more than one chain. In my opinion, this changes the multichain game.
Will MetaMask follow this path?

Multichain Governance
The space is still trying to figure out how multichain governance will work. If a project’s governance token is on Mainnet (most common scenario), mainnet will be the place of governance and execute calls through bridges to make changes to protocols on L2s and sidechains. It doesn’t seem to work the same going the other way (from L2/sidechain to Mainnet).

It’s great to be back in a world where people and communities can get together, socialize, discuss ideas, and learn from each other.
I still feel that Ethereum is the most interesting space you can be in in the world.
DAOs are without a doubt the future, and DXdao has the opportunity to be a leader here.


I only attended EthVC virtually, but I shared my concern during one of our calls last week. I noticed too many startups building on Fantom, Polygon and Binance Smart Chain, CEXes, custodial wallets… :face_vomiting:

We could think of a possible simultaneous multi-chain “WalletConnect v2”-type governance. :bulb:

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One quite specific example would be: a REP holder from one wallet address can vote on the same mainnet and xDai proposal at the same time.

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Feedback from DXdao ETHcc attendees.


  • Great to meet everyone, participation in the ETHcc, DAOist talks, Panels.
  • Organization – Covid restrictions, Hackathon participation


  • Meet before the event, organize what we want to talk about
  • Do one of the after party events


  • Meeting DXers, community members.
  • Researching what be beneficial for DXdao, which projects we want to talk about


  • The value of being in person with people from the internet :slight_smile: Lots of productive and valuable conversations. Everyone is super friendly, easy to talk about problems and their solutions.
  • Could have been not as hot in Paris, could become organizers / contributors to theDAOist
  • Could have done something with Omen


  • Meeting people in real life, seeing and talking to people and understanding why they commented like they did. Competitors talk to each other, no secrets. Much easier to partner up now.
  • If we had an event, would probably make a talk next time.


  • Meeting everyone, getting involved with other projects.
  • How to we describe and explain what DXdao is, focus our message and who we are.


  • Putting a face to a voice, great talks,
  • Set aside time for Creative brainstorming time


  • A lot of different components to explain how the DAO works.


  • More of strategy, identity when you talk to someone, call to action.

Do things that we will be remembered by


  • Good meeting everyone, the DXdao involvement was critical into the different
  • Need to be more organized. why are we here, why did we come, what do we want to achieve from this conference with goals and KPIs.

Since I have not had the opportunity to share my thoughts on yesterday’s DXbiz call. Here’s the full report.



  • Meeting the Ethereum and DXdao community in person.
  • Networking with like-minded people that help me envision my long-term goals.

Could have done it better

  • I missed the EthVC track, but I believe @sky and @Tammy will fill us in the coming weeks.
  • The hackathon could have started earlier - I missed it.
  • DXdao signature could have been better at EthCC. Kudos to everyone.
  • Be more strategic about which presentations would benefit me and the DXdao community.


I mainly focused on DeFi, and DAOs — they are the future of remote work, and a bit of NFTs out of curiosity and potential uses cases [1][2][3].

Current state

tldr: more focus on the vision for DAOs, but also creating the Web3.0 infrastructure for them to function properly.

DAOs, remind me of Facebook groups, where people come together for a common goal, but then that goal slowly vanishes. While platforms such as DAOhaus are a good attempt at creating a plug-and-play framework. DAOs created are the Facebook group with gas fees thrown into the mix. Yet, they are not Facebook groups because the social infostructure Web3.0 is not there, just yet. But also, on the other hand, DAOs are still not concrete working platforms. I might be wrong, but this was my general take.

DAOs endgame isn’t necessarily vague, but there many opportunities to envision it. One topic bringing DAOs off-chain, but also maintain the flexibility they’ve created by allowing talent to get paid without bureaucracy [5]. I am still confident that DAOs have a long way to go, yet there is no doubt they are the next big thing. [4]

Opportunities for DXdao

I believe DXdao can and should have a prominent role in the DAO space with the challenges laid out above. @nylon’s presentation on Gov 2.0, both at EthCC and the DAOist, was a golden opportunity for DXdao to pivot its model as the leader in the DAO space for professionals work. We should expand DXdao’s product suite into the DAO space. These could include, but are not limited to:

  • DXvote, for carrying out governance.
  • ​DXgov, for organizational governance.
  • Gov 2.0, a whitepaper for the DAO governance.


[1] EthBlockArt: Ethereum, creative coding, NFTs, and deterministic art workshop by Adrian Le Bas.
[2] Up only. How DAOs and NFTs Can Expand Personhood For Trees, talk by James Beck.
[3] “Is code law? Ask a lawyer! All you need to prepare when you speak to a lawyer, workshop by Matteo Tambussi and Luigi Cantisani.
​[4] The challenges DAOs are navigating in building in the Web3 world along the decentralization spectrum, panel with Sky, Vince, Juan at the DAOist
[5] How to create a DAO at Dao Haus? workshop by Juliana Passos