ESP for Signaling DXdao Priorities (in alpha)

ESP for Signaling DXdao Priorities (in alpha)

Website: ESP Gnosis Alpha for DXdao

Home Page Preview:

In order to help determine the Priorities Board for DXdao and Guilds, we are experimenting with a new signaling tool called ESP built by Louis. [THANKS LOUIS - great work!]

Some details:

  • This tool is on-chain (Gnosis Chain)
  • This tool gives wallets voting Points.
  • Initial distribution is based off REP on Gnosis Chain:
  • 4% REP (capped) is equivalent to 100 voting Points
  • DXD holders can be added manually (1,000 DXD equivalent to 4% REP or 100 voting Points)
  • Both are scaled down linearly.
  • Via on-chain transaction you can allocate your points to different Signals (one or more).
  • You can also add new Signals (with some allocation) if you choose.


  • The main site is the main DXdao Priorities.
  • If you can’t see your Points at first, just signal 1 pt to something then the Graph will start pulling to show all your points (Example. Balance 54/55)
  • This is currently a static total.
  • The running total works in the background but not added to the front-end yet. If we need, we can add.

There are 6 Instances total:

  1. DXdao
  2. Operations
  3. Voice
  4. Swapr
  5. DXgov
  6. Carrot

Same voters, same points for each Guild instance.


Github: GitHub - LPSCRYPT/esp: Extensible Signaling Primitive (Built on MUD)

DXD holders:

If you are a DXD holder and would like to participate. Please fill out this anonymous form with your wallet address holding DXD and it will be added in batches.


Update on DXdao Priorities Signaling using ESP

At the end of January, DXdao kicked off the ESP for Signaling DXdao Priorities (in alpha) initiative based around the Priorities Board Monthly Checkin.

It has now been a week and a half, and we wanted to have a check in and update.

Below is a snapshot of each of the boards with Signal Rankings and Signalers.

Some takeaways:

  • We have had 17 total Signalers from REP holders (out of 118)
  • We’ve not had any DXD holders expressing interest to participate so far.
  • A majority of Signalers who participated used all of their Signal Points.
  • Some used a lesser amount. Wonder why?
  • Only four Signalers voted on all 6 boards


12 Signalers

DXdao Signal - Current Signal
Developing a flagship product, vision and mission 160
Swapr (front-end) 81
DAVI (external) 77
Carrot 67
Governance 2.0 56
DXdao branding 37
Davi (internal) 34
Swapr (on-chain) 33
Expanding DXdao’s Opportunity Field 29
Recruiting 17
New DXD Token Model implementation 12
Positioning DXdao for Expanding the contributor base 10
Re-optimize DXdao’s token ecosystem 10
Omen revamp 9
Showing other DAOs the way via Education 7
Organizational improvements 5
Token holder outreach 2
Community outreach 1
Financial reporting 0

DXdao: Operations

6 Signalers

Operations Signal - Current Signal
Treasury deployment 105
Enact Restructuring and refocus proposal 91
Run Governance and developer public calls 69
Execute on new DXD token model 68
Create & develop Legal squad & Devops & security squad 46
Recruit rockstar solidity dev & treasury manager 40
Improve contributor feedback process 26
Contributor onboarding 18
Expanding the DXdao Opportunity Field 15
Furthering DXdao ESP 15
DXdao’s Multi Token Design 10
Stakeholder risk analysis 1

DXdao: Voice

9 Signalers

Voice Signal - Current Signal
Develop a flagship product suite document that aligns w/ DXdao’s vision 119
Carrot branding & go-to market strategy 101
DXgov branding & go-to market strategy 84
Lead Swapr marketing, partnerships and growth 65
Developing key partnerships 43
Swapr expeditions & go-to market strategy 36
Continuously presenting DXdao’s Mission and Vision to Web3 Communs 30
Operation Decentralization 20
Community outreach 12
Position DXdao as an org that people want to be involved with 8
DXventures 7

DXdao: Swapr

6 Signalers

Swapr Signal - Current Signal
Front-end maintenance and bug fixes 63
Zapping contracts 55
Ecorouter improvement 52
Swapr Expeditions & other user acquisition 51
Delivering revenue to SWPR token 42
Liquidity.eth 30
MEV-capturing AMM research 28
Splitting swap from Swapr 16
Network expansion 11
SWPR token research 11
Uniswap v3 research 6
DCA / stackr 5

DXdao: DXgov

13 Signalers

DXgov Signal - Current Signal
Governance 2.0 (contracts + DAVI support) 144
DAVI expansion to more governance systems 109
DAVI social UX 89
DAVI DAO setup wizard 77
DAVI on chain accessibility UX 65
DXvote, Alchemy and security bot upkeep 47
DAVI (internal) 35
DXD Vesting system for contributors 32
Having DAVI ready for permissionless public by end of Q1 14
Treasury Dashboard 14

DXdao: Carrot

7 Signalers

Carrot Signal - Current Signal
Release v1 frontend and contracts 156
Go-to market strategy 148
Internal testing, fixes and improvements 81
Be prepared to iterate quickly and focused 15
Release ERC20 KPI token and Reality.eth oracle page to view campaigns created using the templates 11
Release ERC20 KPI token template contracts 10
Release ERC20 KPI token and Reality.eth oracle creation form 6
Release Reality.eth oracle template contracts 6

There were a total of:

17 Total Signalers

We have this snapshot.

If you still haven’t participated and want to, please do so now.

If you haven’t used all your voting points on each board, you have a chance to do that now.

If you have any questions, please reach out.

If you want to help direct the future of DXdao, please do so now.


This tool is very cool. Putting them out in a transparent and public way helps communicate the existing priorities that many REP holders already have. I look forward to tracking this over the next few months, as well as extending points to DXD holders to participate.


I loved using ESP. Three things stand out for me.

  1. It was so simple and straight forward to use.
  2. Being on Gnosis Chain - 100% accessible to basically anyone.
  3. It’s on-chain - Your signal, or lack thereof is recorded.