ERC20 Guild Contract Testing Proposal

ERC20 Guild Contract Testing Proposal

DXdao has a plate full of development tasks that need to get done. DXdao has a key goal to build out its development resources by accommodating interested parties and seeking out valued partners in the space.

This post outlines a proposal to engage BlockRocket for an initial project.

BlockRocket is a passionate Web3 focused team based in Manchester, UK with close ties to the Ethereum community. To give a sense of their past work, a sample of past work includes:
With expertise across many aspects of the space (vuejs / nuxt front end, node/js, solidity, testing, the graph, governance), this team can add value to DXdao.

Below is a draft proposal to work with BlockRocket. This initial engagement focuses on testing code related to contracts to be used in DXdao’s expanding governance structure, summarized here:

Draft Testing Proposal

ERC20 Guild Contracts:

Cost: $3,000 paid in ETH in two parts, half upfront, half upon completion. Since DXdao can only pay in ETH for the time being, this proposal stipulates that if volatility negatively affects the dollar amount of ETH paid upon the proposal passing, then BlockRocket may make an additional proposal for the difference.


  • Write tests to reach 100% code coverage of all contracts in the contracts/erc20guild folder.
  • Don’t add any new dependency, it should be good enough with the @openzeppelin/test-helpers tests helpers libraries.
  • The tests should follow the code guidelines specified in the linter.

Timeline: The testing project will take 4-5 days to complete, and will begin on a business day no earlier than September 14th.

The first half of payment is included in this proposal, and a proposal for the second half of the payment will be made upon the report being delivered.

Would be great to hear thoughts/comments/feedback on this draft. Cheers.


im not a software person but their past work seems promising +1