EOY Expenses - DXgov Ross

This proposal covers most of the expenses I have built up over the year. Some are monthly expenses from running DAVI and dxvote, also contracted dev work for DXgov and gas costs outside of the automated governance refunds. If anyone has any questions or comments please leave them here and this will go up on governance before the new budgets for 2023 start.

Pinata Sep-Dec
$20 x 4 = $80

Fathom Sep-Dec
$14 x 4 = $56

Parallax Network contracted development work
Forum post detailing work Parallax<>DXgov Work Proposal - DAVI Social MVP feature
Delivered work https://github.com/DXgovernance/DAVI/pull/461
Payment Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan

Gas Guild deployments
This address (Address 0x7A33dA4Bd3d9d6f1F6958d26A07E1135cC7E887e | Etherscan) was funded with 1 eth to deploy guilds to mainnet and is currently sitting at 0.724 eth remaining.

Since we will be deploying squad guilds in December/January we will use the remainder this month. If we deploy before this goes live I will add the exact txs and amounts used as well as any additional costs if we go over 1 eth.

1 eth = ~$1,186
(will update price before posting proposal)

Mainnet guild gas costs (mainly testing and deploying ENS)
0.16977671 eth

ENS purchases (project-davi & projectdavi)
0.01603503 eth

Subdomain txs
0.01697963 eth

Content hash txs
0.01977902 eth

Sheet containing all transactions EOY 22 gas costs

Total = 0.222 eth

~$266 (@$1200eth)

I think this is the majority of transactions covered. There is still the cost of arbitrum gas from much earlier in the year / the year before but I think we will work this out separately, a bit more work.

The 2023 H1 budget has a rough estimate of gas costs and so will come from that budget next year.

Total due: $3194
(for the eth costs I’ll update them before posting on chain)


Caney Fork voted for this proposal, but in general, I think expenses incurred in ETH should be paid out in ETH. This applies mostly to gas costs. I don’t think it’s an issue now because ETH is trading lower, but think we should do ETH for ETH reimbursements for on-chain costs. It makes it easier to verify.